6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate This Mediocre Plagiari Movie Aruvi

Negatives in Aruvi
Image Source: Aruvi Official Teaser

ARUVI, as the name implies, it is a cascade of debris, fragmented rock pieces and swift water in spurious velocity hitting over the plunge holes on the Hard Rock, the movie hits the viewers with same intense emotions and it has managed to drag the audience and showcased what it can offer.

Aruvi is a mixed ride of emotions and has stamped its presence in the Tamil cinema with its unconventional and sincere filmmaking, yet it has its own share of criticism and these are the reason why you shouldn’t hype it to the skies and subdue the debutante director’s creation.

6. NSG ( National Security Guards ) Can Be Called From A Bar Staff’s Complaint !!!!

It might be looked good on paper but the acceptance is never there. Had it been a mass masala hero it wouldn’t have bothered me. Having been made out of heart and soul with almost perfect execution, stuff like these should never be made.

5. You Can Continue Laughing Even After Being Shot Down By A Gun!!!

Though the director tried to show, that the spoof show director Balaji has been impressed by Aruvi’s spectacular show off. How can a man even laugh when he is bleeding like hell. Might be interesting to look on screen but again this is ain’t a mass masala hero, this is Aruvi.

4. Everyone In The City Knows HIV Can Be Spread Only Through Sexual Transmission

aruvi negatives
Image Source: Aruvi Official Teaser

It’s highly ridiculous when the parents found out her diagnosis. Do they even live in  1990’s? Doesn’t the doctor know the causes? Are all the doctors are dumb enough to make her parents believe it was caused due to unprotected sex? Does nobody had knowledge of Virginity patency test? This is an unpardonable crime, as the entire movie revolves around this twist. This ultimately broke the impact of the harsh reality that a film offers.

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3. Spoof “Solvathelam Unmai” And Add “Ennama Ipadi Panreenga” Dialogue You Can Eventually Create A Laughter Therapy.

The world revolves around only one show “SOLVATHELAM UNMAI” for Kollywood. Doesn’t the makers get tired of beating the dead snake again and again? Though the director has managed to rib tickle on many occasions there was a sense that he had taken the audience for granted.

2. It is An Egyptian Masala In Tamilnadu ‘Sambhar’

Alright. It is not a crime to copy or get inspired but with such kind of honest attempt of filmmaking why would you get inspired by an unknown language for your DEBUT FILM. If the first creation of the director isn’t itself is his, where would be the room for expectations. People like me would be searching IMDb to find the original sources.

Aruvi Positives Negatives
Image Source: Aruvi Official Teaser

On a final note, the movie is an overall “a good watch”. But again, this is not a mass masala hero movie to get compromised, Our audience pays almost Rs. 200 to watch an unknown face by trusting a new actor whom we never heard of before. Hope the director comes out to shut people like me who were never fully satisfied.

1. Aruviku Yean Pudikkala Kuruvi?

It seems like every other actor has given good movies.

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