13 Best Friends in Tamil Movies Who Turned Backstabbers At The End

Best Friendship Betrayal In Tamil Movies

Friendship is sweet; oh it’s honey-coated; it’s fun and frolic, a repository of memories; a treasure trove of some of the weirdest and the awkward delights; but it’s always been a double-edged sword. There has been always betrayals and backstabbing.

Friends turning to foes and lives getting dismantled of friendship too and Tamil movies have always from times had emphasized of more of the dark shade of the friendship and here we gonna recollect the biggest betrayals in the movies. The list is a more of the 2000s and some 90s classics.

Best Friends in Tamil Movies Who Betrayed Another


The colossal ending of the three lead friends in the movie has started with a simple betrayal of friendship for the love of his friend’s wife which ultimately shattered the lives of three families. A modern classic by the modern maestro Karthik Subbaraj.

Best Friends in Tamil Movie Iraivi


We have to know the rules of a game of who’s been played and who has played. A nail-biting cat and mouse game of an aspiring politician and a journalist. Where friendship blinds one and the other sucks the blood of trust from the another.

Best Friends in Tamil Movie Ko


An award-winning rural raw tale of a group of gangsters who ultimately fall prey to the greed of money betraying his friend to death. The emotion is hard hitting the betrayal among best friends in Tamil movies which is tragic and heavy at heart. Sasikumar is easily the king.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Subramaniapuram


A yesteryear blockbuster and a benchmark to commercial cinema having its backbone laid up with an epic clash of two best friends who were no less than brothers. An awe-inspiring tale of challenge and betrayals where superstar Rajinikanth has played to the gallery and marking his footprint in the sands of times.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Annamalai

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Thiruttu Payale

A dark classic depicting the reality of extramarital affairs of the contemporary life of the friends. Ahead of the times this movie received rage reviews and finds the place in our list.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Thiruttu Payale


“Kuthunava nanbanaave irunthaalum…” How could someone not acknowledge this epic Sasikumar dialogue? Yet another friendship betrayal classic of Sasikumar that has its own drama and revenge.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Sundarapandian


Betrayals of a business kind. Ayan is a fun-filled tale of sizable betrayals the screenplay is unique as betrayals are the binding blocks of the entire movie. Ayan, undoubtedly a must watch flick that emphasis betrayal among best friends in Tamil movies.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Ayan

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A periodic flick set in the backdrop of folk theatre artists, filled with egos and betrayals. With AR Rahman scoring the background music with an interesting plot and engaging actors.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Kaaviyathalaivan

Vada Chennai

Though the plot revolves around the antagonism between Guna and Senthil, Vada Chennai has a strong emphasis on Back-stabbing. The Friendship between Guna and Senthil with Rajan as a Nucleus takes an interesting twist that makes the baseline of Vada Chennai.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Vada Chennai

Vivegam and Anjaan

Though the movies didn’t outshine at the box office, Thala Ajith and Suriya emphasized a meaty valuable thing about friendship and trust. An okayish watch that has friendship betrayal as the soul.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Vivegam

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Vikram Vedha and Kaakha Kaakha

Fresh from the success of the movie, Vikram Vedha, an unbelievable storytelling of group of five police officers surprisingly forming the core as the same as Suriya mega-hit Kaakha Kaakha where betrayal plays a pivotal role in storytelling.

Best Friendship Betrayal in Tamil Movie Vikram Vedha

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