14 Best Tamil Family Movies That Happily Entertain and Educate

List of Tamil family movies collection

“Family is not whom you are born with, it’s who you die for” – Lincoln Clay

A family is quite a subjective, a generic term which may be used to describe a herd of people bonded together beyond a blood relation.

However, any family would have their testing phases and to get out through the phase as a whole is what defines a true family.

Here are the Top Tamil Family movies that one must check out in their life.

List of Best Pick of Tamil Family Movies

14. Samsaram Adhu Minsaram

Year: 1986
Director: Visu

A happy go family of Ammayappan Mudaliar turns upside down when his three sons are soon married, bringing in new characters living together under one roof, testing the bond of the family tree.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Samsaram Adhu Minsaram

Samsaram Adhu Minsaram is one of the tamil family movies that shows the importance of intellectual behavior of elder members in a family.

13. Mayandi Kudumbathar

Year: 2009
Director: Rasu Madhuravan (Assistant director of Manivannan)

Once two loving brothers, now each other’s greatest foe, all to legally acquire an ancestral property. Soon the two brothers die, and their families blame each other for the each brother’s death.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Mayandi Kudumbathar

This is one of the intense family movies in tamil that emphasize the love for worldly possessions rather than the love for its own blood relation.

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12. Pandavar Bhoomi

Year: 2001
Director: Cheran

Dhanasekar, the head of a family decides to rebuild his ancestral house. The engineer he hires soon falls with his niece. To make things smooth, he narrates the glorious past of his family to the engineer, who unexpectedly decides to respect the family and sacrifices his love.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Pandavar Bhoomi

“Avar avar vaazhkaiyil” song from Pandavar Bhoomi is one of the evergreen family songs in Tamil Cinema that everyone can connect to.

11. Aanandham

Year: 2001
Director: N. Lingusamy(Director of Sandakozhi, Anjaan)

Tirupathi, the eldest son in the family, strive hard to make a better living for his three brothers – Madhavan, Kannan, and Surya. However, the brothers inseparable bonding is soon to be tested when Madhavan’s wife begins to create justifiable gaps between them.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Aanandham

Aanandham is one of the Feel-good Tamil family movies that instigate the importance of joint family culture.

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10. Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana

Year: 1994
Director: V. Sekar (Director of TV Serial ‘Porantha Veeda Puguntha Veeda’)

Sivaram leads a lower-middle-class family with his wife and his son. All are happy until the time when a politician moves into their neighborhood, which psychologically changes their luxuries to desperate needs.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana

Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana is a must watch real-time family experience about the balance between your finance and desire.

9. Bama Vijayam

Year: 1967
Director: K. Balachander

Just like our earlier mention, Bama, a famous actress moves into a neighbourhood of orthodox and highly conservative people which instigates a need in them for a much better and luxurious lifestyle just to gel along with her.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Bama Vijayam

This family movie tunes you up in the art of accommodating in an unexpected environment.

8. Bharatha Vilas

Year: 1973
Director: A. C. Tirulokchandar

A couple decides to allocate their huge bungalow with the other three tenants from different parts of India. A chain of unforeseen events and incidents between the kids of the tenants put the adult’s friendship on the line.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Bharatha Vilas

7. Em Magan

Year: 2006
Director: Thirumurugan (Director of TV Serial ‘Nadhaswaram’, ‘Meeti Oli’)

Krishna, a depressed and soulless son to a strict father live his life an entitled whipping slave until he decides to rebel against his dad for the sake of his one true joy, his love. He is thrown out soon and how love made Krishna’s life better, a chance to prove his father forms the rest of the story.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Em Magan

This is one of the tamil family movies with an inspiring jolt backed up by the matured love of a son.

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6. Rasakkapalayam Pasupathi

Year: 2007
Director: K. Selva Bharathy

Pasupathy, a typical mother’s son who believes his world is nothing more compared to his mother. With hopes to land a job to take care of his aging mom, Pasupathy‘s mother would soon need a heart surgery, for which he would be willing to go any heights to raise the required funds.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Rasakkapalayam Pasupathi

5. Kadaikutty Singam

Year: 2018
Director: Pandiraj

Karti as Gunasingam (Kadaikutty Singam) strives to keep his big family united despite all troubles that arise as a result of his marriage. Being a last born child and a firstborn son, Karti as Gunasingam never fails to entertain the audience. Kadaikutty Singam is one of the top family movies that Tamil Cinema had after a long gap in Family movie genre. The movie also proclaims the dignity of farmers in a most admirable manner.

Taking a group photo with complete family is still a great dream in most of the family.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Kadaikutty Singam

4. Suriyavamsam

Year: 1997
Director: Vikraman

Sakthivel a well reputed and respected Jameen, is not quite happy with his son Chinnarasu’s careless attitude. He is further insulted when Chinnarasu refuses to marry Gowri, a pre-arranged betrothal due to a reason he doesn’t wish to disclose. He is soon thrown out of the house and married to Nandini, would change his life forever.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Suriyavamsam

Suriyavamsam is one of the evergreens among the best family movies in Tamil Cinema.

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3. Vaanathaippola

Year: 2000
Director: Vikraman

Vellaichaamy has an unbreakable bond with his three younger brothers for whom he remains a bachelor only to make sure they get everything they need. A series of events and changes in the younger brother’s career and life threatens their bond. Would their bond break or live to see through yet another happy era? forms the rest of the story.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Vaanathaippola

This is yet another masterpiece of the director Vikraman in the lines of the family-based drama.

2. ChokkaThangam

Year: 2003
Director: K. Bhagyaraj

A loving and caring brother in a village manages to wed his sister to a groom of a wonderful family and finds himself the love of his life. But things soon take a wrong turn when the groom’s family imposes the idea of marrying their daughter to him. He now has to choose between his love and the well being of his sister’s wedding.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - ChokkaThangam

1. Pasamalar

Year: 1961
Director: A. Bhimsingh

Considered to the epitome of brother-sister sentiment in Tamil Cinema, Paasamalar is still one of the finest examples of a movie on such a relationship. Orphaned siblings soon find a turn of events when love comes into the mix.

List of Best Tamil Family Movies - Pasamalar

A must watch classic that will linger in your mind for a long time.

Oh ho! Are we missing out something in your favorite family movies list in Tamil Cinema? Leave the movie name in the comment section below. We keep updating the content.

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