8 Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movies That Make Your Heart Beat Fast

“Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense” – Mignon McLaughlin

Not a lot of movies tend to keep you on the edge of your seat. Some keep to its promise of being a genuine thriller while a few come out a raging disappointment.

To help you filter a few, here is our list of top suspense thrillers made in Tamil movie industry.

Best Pick of Tamil Suspense Thriller Movies

Adhey Kangal

Year: 1967
Director: A. C. Tirulokachandar

What starts off as a murder in the family spins off with a masked killer hunting down the members of the family.

A grueling experience a family could be put through only to know about a past that they were ignorant of.

Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Adhey Kangal Old Movie

Adhey Kangal is one of the veteran tamil suspense thriller movies whose title is reused after 50 years of its fame.

Sigappu Rojakkal

Year: 1978
Director: Bharathiraja

A leading industrialist who has preys lusciously on women and kills them gets a bizarre turn of events when his wife exposes him to the open public.

Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Sigappu Rojakkal

Loosely based on real-life incidents, the movie is one of the best ever psychological tamil suspense thriller which shows the dark side of men. The movie was a blockbuster and critically acclaimed.

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Nooravathu Naal

Year: 1984
Director: Manivannan

Manivannan who is known for the best villain and supporting roles of Tamil cinema directed Nooravathu Naal.

He was also a great story and dialogue writer of Bharathiraja. In the lines of his Guru Bharathiraja, Manivannan also directed a suspense thriller which turned into a great blockbuster at that time.

Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Nooravathu Naal

A female college student in a hunt for her murdered sister bumps into a rich businessman. Falling in love with him, she quickly learns that she had bumped into a psychopath who murders innocents and buries them in the pillars of under construction building. How Nalini and her new friends catch the murderer forms the rest of the movie.


Year: 2012
Director: Karthik Subbaraj

Pizza is one of the highly recognized thriller and a unique movie-making trendsetter of modern times.

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Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Pizza

A pizza delivery man’s first experience in a haunted house gives time and space for weird things to unveil in the end. A perfect horror movie to experience, but is it truly one?


Year: 2009
Director: Arivazhagan

A cop takes up the case of a murder of this long lost college love. Bizzare events fold out until the murderer and his motives are unveiled at the end.

Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Eeram

Eeram is one of the well-presented neat suspense thrillers in Tamil Cinema.


Year: 2000
Director: Priyadarsan

Two best friends in college lie about an imaginary man to avoid a marriage. But little did they know that this little lie would link them to a murder case when the man they made up was found dead in their hostel.

Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Snegithiye

Snegithiye is one of the prudent attempt of Priyadarsan in carving a perfect suspense thriller with only female characters in the lead roles.


Year: 2016
Director: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

A story about a troubled software engineer who believes to relive memories of his past life. An unforced error sees his best friend killed which leads to him a psychiatrist. His life never remained the same and leads to a bizarre turn of events in the end.

Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Saithaan

Saithaan is based out of a novel “Aaah” written by the veteran brilliant writer Sujatha Rangarajan.

Yaavarum Nalam

Year: 2009
Director: Vikram Kumar

A happy joint family moves into a newly built apartment named 13B. Within a few days, the entire family gets addicted to a new soap opera named “Yaavaralum Nalam” but the lead finds out that the show aired under the name is a completely different show than the one aired in their television.

Best Tamil Suspense Thriller Movie - Yaavarum Nalam

Are we missing out your favorite Tamil suspense thriller movie? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We will keep updating the list.

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