15 Intelligent Vivek Comedy Dialogues For A Rational Society

best vivek comedy dialogues collection

Actor Vivek is one of the finest actor and paramount comedian of Tamil Cinema Industry. His humor has the ability to make a thoughtful difference in you. Though you laugh and enjoy his comedy, you will always have an end thought with common sense provoked.

So how does he make it?

His dialogues do magic. Though actor Vivek performs to make you burst into laughter, his perfectly timed dialogues are the ones which score the maximum.

Actor Vivek is the genuine person of expressing his care for the welfare of society. And, you can well witness this in all his dialogues irrespective of movies.

Vivek started this with the aim of eradicating the superstitious believes that prevails among the Tamil Nadu people. And i could say he has mastered in it by delivering the facts through humour.

Here i present you some of the best vivek dialogues that are intelligent enough for a rational society.

Vivek Dialogue in Thirunelveli

Society had enough Philosophers, Socialists Activists. Unless the people change minds, no change is possible.

Vivek has well emphasised this truth in his dialogue about Periyar. He also expressed his frustration as “Mudiyathu da, Ungala Thiruthurathuku”

Vivek Periyar Dialogue: “200 Periyar Illa, 400 Periyar Vandhalum Mudiyathu da
Ungala Thiruthurathuku”

Vivek Periyar Dialogue in Thirunelveli

Vivek Dialogue in Palayathu Amman

Well, this is an intelligent thought-provoking question of Vivek to the society.

Vivek Poli Saamiyar Dialogue: “Poli Saamiyargalai Naatilae Ulava Vitathu Yar kutram?
Kadavulin Kutrama? Alladhu Kadavulin Peyaraal Currency-galai Serthu Kondu Erukum Kayavargalin Kutrama?”

Vivek Periyar Dialogue in Palayathu Amman

Vivek Motivational Dialogue in Meesaya Murukku

You can see Vivek in a completely different dimension in the tamil movie Meesaya Murukku. Being a father of the hero, his dialogues in the movie are quite inspiring for the individuals.

Each and every person of the society should strive against their odds to build a better future.

Vivek Dialogue About Avamanam: “Onu Nyabagam Vachiko, Thootha Jeikanum Nu Matum Than Thonum. Aana Avamaanapatta, Saadhikanum Ndra Veriyae Varum Da!”

Vivek Motivational Dialogue in Meesaya Murukku

Vivek Comedy Dialogues in Saamy Movie

Tamil movie Saamy has got a lot of fascinating vivek dialogues. This one talks about the unity in diversity.

Vivek interestingly compares the tricolour nature of Indian national flag with the people minds.

Vivek Dialogue About Human Heart: “Varnam Ndrathu Kodila Matum Than Irukanum,
Makkal Manasula Irukka Kudaathu Da!”

Vivek Varnam Dialogue in Saamy

Vivek ‘Avaa’ Dialogue in Saamy Movie

“Arusi, Godhuma, Rava. Idhayelam Velaya Vaikurathu Avaa.
Mothathula Avaa Illena, Namakelaam Yedhunga Bhoovaa?”

Have you ever thought about the ones, who build your houses? Weaved your clothes? Cultivated grains and rice for you to eat?

This vivek dialogue reminds you a reality that most of the things that you experience and enjoy everyday are build by a stranger.

Vivek Avaa Dialogue in Saamy


Vivek Dialogue in Sivaji Movie

The saddest truth of materialistic mindset.

Vivek Dialogue in Rajini Movie ‘Sivaji’ About Money: “Enga Kaasu Vaikama Endha Kaariyamum Nadakaathu Shivaji”

Vivek Shivaji Dialogue

Vivek Comedy Dialogues in Kadhal Sadugudu

Have you ever realized the power of your words?

People say that the words are a double-edged sword. Vivek dramatizes the adverse effect of tongue in every man’s life.

Vivek Dialogue About Tongue:“Naatla Adaka Vendiya Vishayam Evlavo Irukku,
Naakka Adakitalae Paadhu Problem Solve Aidum”

Vivek Dialogue About Tongue

Handle with care!

Vivek Dialogue About Farmers: “Appavigalae, Ungalukelam Vivasaayam Therinja Alavuku Vevaram Theriyalaye Ayya!. Neenga Than Kural Kudukamatringalae, Yena Neengalam Jaadhiyalayum, Madhathalayum, Inathaalayum, Mozhigalaalayum, Arasiyal Katchigalalayum Pirinji Kedakuringalae Ayya!”

Vivek Dialogue About Farmers

This Vivek dialogue talks about the importance of education to the farmers. Educating a farmer by all means of productivity and management are vitally important for every nation.

Vivek Dialogue in Minnale

This is one of the popular Vivek dialogues that was widely recognized and enjoyed.

Vivek talks about the superstitious belief of vehicle drivers and explains the reality in his own style.

Vivek Comedy Dialogue in Minnale Accident: “Adapaavi, Ullukula 750 spare parts iruku da, Adhula Odatha Vandiya da Indha Yelumicha Pazlathula Oda Pogudhu. Ungalalam Thiruthavae Mudiyathu Da!”

Vivek Minnale Dialogue

Vivek Comedy Dialogues in Jambavan

In this movie scene, Vivek was asked to talk about the happenings of world and home.

“Naatu Nadapu, Pandigainu Vandha Aata Vetran. Pagai nu Vandha Aalayae Vetraan.
Veetu Nadapu, Yella Veetlayum TV Serial Than da Nadakudhu.”

Vivek Jambavan Movie Comedy Dialogue

I hope you will never disagree with the home affair towards the Television shows.

Vivek Dialogue in Run

No matter when a political leader goes around, there will be a flock of men behind them.

Vivek questions those men in a most interesting way “Unakku vera velayae illaya da”

Vivek Indha Padai Dialogue: “Indha Padai Podhuma, Enum Konjam Venuma!
Unaku Vera Velayae Illaya Da!”

Vivek Run Movie Comedy Dialogue

Vivek ‘Tax’ Dialogue

Oh my god! This is epic.

“Road ae Illa, Tax Kekureal,

Vivek Saamy Dialogue About Road Tax

Vivek Dialogue About Tamil in Meesaya Murukku

Vivek beautifully conveys the meaning of English medium education and future of children.

“English Medium na Aangila Kalvi Illa Father, Aangila Vazliyil Kalvi.
Ivanga Future Aangilatha Nambi Illa, Avanga Ariva Nambi Irukku.”

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Vivek Dialogue in Meesaya Murukku about Tamil

Vivek ‘Thothalum Jeichalum’ Dialogue

Similar to Surya’s Varanam Aayiram dialogue, Vivek too encourages you to move forward in life. Be it a win or lose, you have to step ahead with a high-spirit.

Vivek Mass Dialogue in Meesaya Murukku

Vivek Roja Kootam Dialogue

The traditional funeral has been replaced with electric cremation.

Vivek explains the bitter truth of life in a single punch.

“Minsaara Sudukaadu Nu Onu Vandhu Irukudhu, Orae Oru Tumbler Saambal Matum Thaan ya Veliya Varum. Yella Thamilaroda Vaazlkayum, Kadaisila Oru Tumbler La Mudiyuthu Ya”

Vivek Comedy Dialogues About Life

Well, there are lot more of his comedy dialogues in Tamil movies. This is just a glance of the best picks that delights you to enjoy his rational thoughts.

Hurray! We would also like to hear from you. Comment your favorite such Vivek dialogues that have touched your heart!

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