The Best 8 Boy And Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil Movies

Boy Girl Friendship Songs n Tamil

Every time a girl and guy are together doesn’t mean they should be a couple. It is indeed a fact that having a friend in the opposite sex makes one more comfortable. Tamil cinema has followed that pattern for a long time.

You know it when a girl and guy are together and looking very close to each other they are more than a couple, they ought to be best friends.

We already have a list of best tamil friendship songs and some analysis on movie friends.

Let’s see such best boy and girl friendship songs in Tamil Cinema.

The Best Boy-Girl Friendship Songs

8‘Oru Nanban Irundhal’ – Enaku 20 Unaku 18

‘Oru Nanban Irundhal’ song from this movie is such a cute song where it establishes how well a girl can mingle with a group of guys.

Shriya Saran gets along the hero’s gang so well like one and we do know how well the relationship boundary would have been maintained.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Oru Nanban Irundhal

7‘Maro Maro’ – Boys

Boys movie might have started with the entire hero gang trying to impress the same girl. But when the movie gets going and when they all work together as a music band you know how well their friendship worked together.

‘Maro Maro’ song is one of the best boys and girls friendship Anthem that could bring goosebumps and change your vibe totally.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Maro Maro

6‘Makkayala’ – Naan

This viral song from Naan is a trendy boy-girl friendship song that is for this generation people.

Lyrics deals with the parties, late night fun, and stuff amongst friends which keeps their bond together.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Makkayala

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5‘Oh My Friend’ – Oh My Friend

As the song lyrics start off, that is what a guy expects out of his friend who is a girl. That is to be like another mother.

To whom you can be friendlier but get motherly affection in return.

Sidharth and Shruthi Haasan remain friends right from childhood. Even when there was an issue during the marriage they stood by their values and didn’t ruin their friendship.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Oh My Friend

4‘Mainaavae Mainaavae’ – Thithikuthe

The beautiful childhood friendship between a boy and a girl is expressed in ‘Mainaavae Mainaavae’ song. The whole movie revolves around the great friendship transformation.

Not everyone really understands the value of childhood friendship nowadays in this internet world.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Mainaavae Mainaavae

3‘Kaatre Poongatre’ – Priyamana Thozhi

‘Kaatre Poongatre’ song theme is such addictive music that just keeps ringing into your ears if you once hear it.

More than love BGM or the heroism BGM, This ‘Kaatre Poongatre’ BGM would be played a lot of times throughout the movie. One of the best movies ever taken in tamil cinema soulfully for the purpose of Boy-girl friendship.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Kaatre Poongatre

2‘Kizhake Parthen’ – Autograph

Such an apt song for the movie situation. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The childhood proverb relating to friendship is the theme of this song as well.

Cheran who is reliving his memories badly needs a friend of support and there is Sneha with him throughout his ups and downs.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Kizhake Parthen

1‘Thozha Thozha’ – Pandavar Bhoomi

“Thozha Thozha Thol Kodu Konjam Saanjukanum” can it be more precise of what a girl expects out her boyfriend.

“Kaadhal Maaralam, Natpu Maaruma?” and “Natpuku Aan Penn Theriyadhu” lines from the song justifies how dignified the relationship of girl-boy-friendship can be and should be.

Boy Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil - Pandavar Bhoomi

So, did we miss any of your favorite Tamil song about Boy-girl friendship? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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