12 Best Tamil Songs For A Perfect Brother and Sister Relationship

Brother Sister Tamil Songs

Tamil Cinema is never out of sentiment values and forever the bearer of brother-sister relationship bond. Be a movie buff or not everyone brings out the reference of Paasamalar Sivaji or Thirupaachi Vijay whenever a brother is being nice to a sister or vice versa.

We have the best father-daughter relationship songs, mother relationship songs and also best Tamil songs between brothers. Now it is time for the best brother and sister relationship songs.

The Best Brother and Sister Songs in Tamil Cinema.

12Thangachi Sirithale Song From Sivappu Sooriyan

This song from Sivappu Sooriyan movie is one of the best sister songs among Rajini movies.

Rajinikanth would sing this song to his sister in a movie played by Saritha after he makes her laugh who wasn’t even ready to speak after losing her husband as a hostage to a criminal gang.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Thangachi Sirithale

11Thanjavur Melam From Simla Special

“Friend’s sister is also our sister” this is an unsaid norm followed in every guy’s gang.

This song from Simla Special would be sung by Kamal Haasan and SV Sekar for SV Sekar’s sister like a celebration song once they find a way to pay for the wedding.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Thanjavur Melam

10Annan Oru Kovil Endral

This is one of the evergreen brother and sister songs sung by Jaiganesh in the movie looking at his sister Sujatha and thinking about his eldest brother Sivaji Ganeshan.

The lyrics of this song is so holy. It oozes out affection throughout the song emphasizing how important is the bond between brothers and sisters.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Annan Oru Kovil Endral

9Thangame Unna Thaalata From Kodiveeran

Brother bringing up a sister without parents is the core of the song. Sasikumar playing the role of priest and the responsible caring brother role carries it off well throughout the movie.

This song creates the impact needed for the movie. Debutant lyricist Thanikodi to be credited.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Thangame Unna Thaalata From Kodiveeran

8Olimayamana Ethirkaalam From Pachai Vilakku

Lyrics penned by Kannadasan and song sung by TM Soundarajan and acted by Sivaji Ganeshan, the song couldn’t get more magical to ears and eyes.

There can’t be a better song to showcase the brother’s proud feeling about his growing sister.

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Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Olimayamana Ethirkaalam from Pachai Vilakku

7Kathazha Kattu Vazhi From Kizhaku Cheemaiyle

Kathazhang kaatu vazhi song from this movie captures the mixed emotions involved for a brother seeing his sister getting married.

Vijayakumar seeing his sister Radhika is being happy for her and also sad for himself as he is moving away from someone with whom she has spent the most time together from birth.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Kathazha Kattu Vazhi from Kizhaku Cheemaiyle

6Azhagana Chinna Devathai From Samuthiram

The kind of pampering every sister gets from brothers is beautifully exposed in this song. It just triples up when a sister(Abirami) has three brothers (Sarath Kumar, Murali and Manoh Bharathiraja) in Samudhiram movie.

Day to day activities, pet names, pulling each other’s legs, pranks, festival times, fun, responsibilities amongst brothers and sister would all get showcased in this forever feel good song.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Azhagana Chinna Devathai from Samuthiram

5Malarnthum Malaratha From Pasamalar

This song is the mascot for the brother-sister relationship for a long time and it is going to be the same forever.

Savitri playing the role of sister to Sivaji Ganeshan have ended up being role models for how a brother and sister should be after this epic movie.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Malarnthum Malaratha From Pasamalar

4Rathathin Rathame From Velayudham

“Rathathin rathame” is one of the best brother and sister relationship songs with more powerful words. The lyrics just shows how much right a brother can take over his sister (and vice versa).

You are literally my blood you are everything to me.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Rathathin Rathame From Velayudham

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3Enna Thavam From Thirupachi

Just like Paasamalar of Sivaji, Thirupaachi of Vijay’s is for brother-sister bonding.

The song comes up in a situation where the sister feels tough to go to husband’s place after getting married due to the stronger brother bond.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Enna Thavam from Thirupachi

2Thangachi Song From Meyadha Maan

The honest, brutal, funny but still sentimental part of the brother-sister relationship conveyed through this cute song.

Describes the sister as a movie ghost character, teases her for wearing makeup out of brother’s money, scolds for complaining to parents, pissed off at her for changing TV channels, mocks at how irresponsible she is but still yet praises her for the work she does, proud of her beauty and appreciates her affection.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Thangachi Song From Meyadha Maan

1Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhe From Vedhalam

Brother sister relationship needn’t be blood related is proved through these characters played by Lakshmi menon and Ajith Kumar in the movie.

Lyrics penned by director Siruthai Siva is to be credited a lot for this soulful song which just keeps oozing out brotherly love who considers his sister to be the entire world.

Tamil Brother and Sister Songs  - Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhe From Vedhalam

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