12 Brother Songs in Tamil Movies That Every Brothers Must Watch

Tamil Brother Songs

“Thambi Udaiyan Padai Ku Anjaan” As the line says when you have a brother, you don’t need to worry even about an army.

Family sentimental tamil movies always have their unique space in Tamil Cinema. You can enjoy the below family related lists from Cinecrab.

Brotherhood is linked throughout the history of Tamil cinema. Though the number is more for Brother-Sister relationships, let’s look at the best brother songs in tamil movies.

List of The Best Brother Songs in Tamil Cinema

12Annan Enna Thambi Enna – Dharma Durai (1991)

Rajini’s 1991 movie, this song will be played when Rajini feels betrayed by his brothers who were financially helped by him despite his father’s disapproval.

This brother song is on a negative note with strong lines.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Annan Enna Thambi Enna

11Ayushman Bhava – 24 (2016)

This song comes in the background whenever the evil twin brother of the scientist holds the time traveling watch that was created. Ironic to the lyric Ayushman bhava.

This is not a song with lyrics but a complete twin brother background music by AR. Rahman.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Ayushman Bhava

10Irandu Kaigal – Thirisoolam (1979)

Sivaji Ganeshan’s all-time best movie Thirisoolam has this ‘Irandu Kaigal’ song where brothers from different mothers get along well.

This is one of the best brother songs in Tamil cinema that brings out the power of unity in brotherhood.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Irandu Kaigal

9Thoppul Kodi Sonthamonnu – Vel (2007)

Two twin brothers get separated in childhood during a train ride. Later they both reunite and this sentimental brother song plays at the background in every scene their brotherhood shows up.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Thoppul Kodi Sonthamonnu

8Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi – Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi (1987)

A 1987 classic movie where brothers Sathyaraj and Prabhu are leading a happy life together until a lady comes into their life when they both start trying to compete with each other for the girl.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi

7Mettu Podu – Duet (1994)

Prabhu and Ramesh Aravind are brothers and they both own an orchestra together. They compose this happy song together which shows how affectionate they are to each other.

This song is not about brothers but awesome performance as brothers.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Mettu Podu

6Oora Therunjukitten – Padikadhavan (1986)

Another distressed song where the elder brother, Rajinikanth sings about his younger brother who betrayed him by using all his money lavishly.

Yet another evergreen sad brother songs in Kollywood.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Oora Therunjukitten

5Oru Koottu Kiliyaga – Padikadhavan (1986)

This brother song is again from the same movie Padikadhavan. Two brothers getting stranded away from family later gets involved in a murder and their eldest brother turns up as a lawyer to save him.

This is one of the happy brother songs in Kollywood. Yep, the movie Padikadhavan has both sad and happy songs for brothers.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Oru Koottu Kiliyaga

4Naalai Namadhe – Naalai Namadhe (1975)

This is a family reunion kind of song for brothers in the movie. The separated brothers use this song to reunite and finally avenge the death of their parents.

This is one of the classic brother songs in Tamil Cinema.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Naalai Namadhe

3Muthuku Muthaaga – Mayandi Kudumbathar (2009)

This is a story-telling kind of song for brothers in ‘Mayandi’ family who were affectionate together until a land dispute happens.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Muthuku Muthaaga

2Rettai Kathirae – Maattrraan (2012)

A pair of conjoined twins work their way to find the spy who is trying to put their father’s conglomerate down. Being naturally together, brotherhood is shown at an optimum level.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Rettai Kathirae

And, you can also watch this brothers song in HD officially from Sony Music.

1Thenmadurai Vaigai Nadhi – Dharmathin Thalaivan (1988)

Tamil cinema’s best brothers song is undoubtedly this one sung by Malaysia Vasudevan.

The Brotherhood will be topnotch in this movie when Prabhu initially a violent person loses his innocent brother Rajinikanth in a fight.

This changes his life and makes his move away from violent ways and ends up finding his brother’s look alike.

Brother Songs in Tamil Movies - Thenmadurai Vaigai Nadhi

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