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Movie Characters

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Netflix Tamil Movies

13 Best Netflix Tamil Movies You Can Enjoy Right Now

Catching up a fantastic movie every weekend is a nightmare nowadays. Though the Tamil cinema quality has improved a lot, Kollywood audience picks only the right movie to enjoy at the theaters. So, if you...
Tamil Motivational Songs List

18 Electrifying Motivational Tamil Songs To Fire Up Your Mood

Fed up with something that wrecked you down? You can step up with a powerful ignition of your soul by reading this. Have you ever felt strong after listening to a motivational speech by your favorite...
Boy Girl Friendship Songs n Tamil

The Best 8 Boy And Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil Movies

Every time a girl and guy are together doesn’t mean they should be a couple. It is indeed a fact that having a friend in the opposite sex makes one more comfortable. Tamil cinema...
Tamil Movie Mothers

The Best 14 Unforgettable Movie Mothers In Tamil Movies

Mother sentiment is one emotion where everyone irrespective of age, irrespective of gender can invariably connect themselves to. Such an emotion is exploited well throughout Tamil cinema history in every possible way. We also have...
The Best Adult Comedy Tamil Movies List

12 Best Adult Comedy Tamil Movies That Are Strict ‘A’ Rated

When directors and producers do their best to get U certificate for their movies, there are few others who have a different approach, takes a clean ‘A’ rated movie and does justice to the...