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Boy Girl Friendship Songs n Tamil

The Best 8 Boy And Girl Friendship Songs in Tamil Movies

Every time a girl and guy are together doesn’t mean they should be a couple. It is indeed a fact that having a friend in the opposite sex makes one more comfortable. Tamil cinema...
Tamil Movie Mothers

The Best 14 Unforgettable Movie Mothers In Tamil Movies

Mother sentiment is one emotion where everyone irrespective of age, irrespective of gender can invariably connect themselves to. Such an emotion is exploited well throughout Tamil cinema history in every possible way. We also have...
The Best Adult Comedy Tamil Movies List

12 Best Adult Comedy Tamil Movies That Are Strict ‘A’ Rated

When directors and producers do their best to get U certificate for their movies, there are few others who have a different approach, takes a clean ‘A’ rated movie and does justice to the...
Brother Sister Tamil Songs

12 Best Tamil Songs For A Perfect Brother and Sister Relationship

Tamil Cinema is never out of sentiment values and forever the bearer of brother-sister relationship bond. Be a movie buff or not everyone brings out the reference of Paasamalar Sivaji or Thirupaachi Vijay whenever...
LKG Movie Lessons

11 Best Political Ideologies And Lessons From LKG Movie

RJ Balaji’s latest political venture LKG movie is a political satire movie where he plays the role of LKG. LKG as the short form for Lalgudi Karupaiah Gandhi. Right from the name, title, songs, character...