14 Iconic Dhanush Dialogue Collection From Tamil Movies

Deputed in the Film directed by his Father, a young boy began to enter the Tamil Cinema as an ordinary teenager in the year 2002. He also got nominated in the best actor category at Filmfare in his second movie.

Followed by a number of ups and downs in the later years, this young man never failed in pushing himself to stay ahead in all the roles he played in his movies.

Being set as the best example of the sayings “Survival of the fittest”, the Cinema Industry has seen his splendiferous transformation of a young boy to a global fame ‘Kolaveri’ man.

And, The man is “Dhanush”.

In 2015, Dhanush featured as a lead with the Bollywood king Amitabh Bachchan and also stepped into the Hollywood industry which has a movie “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir” lined up for the release in 2018.

Throughout his journey in the realm of Cinema, Dhanush always leaves the legacy with some iconic dialogues in the movies.

Here are some of the best Dhanush dialogues in his Tamil Movies.

The Best Dhanush Dialogue Collection in his Tamil Movies

‘If You Are Bad’ From Maari 2

Dhanush dialogue in Maari 2 - I'm your Dad

‘Senjuruven’ From Maari

Dhanush dialogue in Maari

Never seen before, playing the role of a Don, Dhanush pulls off a terrific performance in this movie and this dialogue, a signature in the movie is the epitome of that as it is filled with swag.

Dhanush Aadukalam Dialogues

Dhanush dialogue in Aadukalam - Konde Poduven

Bagging national awards left and right, this was an unusual role, one which Dhanush pulled off to perfection. The movie is filled with such dialogues, but this is certainly a powerful one from Dhanush.

Dhanush dialogue in Aadukalam

When a goon accuses Dhanush of being afraid, Dhanush sends a powerful message with this punch dialogue.

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Pudhupettai Dhanush Dialogues

Dhanush dialogue in Pudhupettai

An unconventional story, the movie is a story of a guy who lost his way and gets emotional and intense throughout the movie. This monologue is just what the movie is about, with Dhanush’s rogue nature expressed in its absolute form of fear.

Dhanush dialogue in Pudhupettai about Amma

A youngster, whose life turns upside down after the death of his mother, nobody could have played the role better than Dhanush in the movie.

Filled with many unconventional moments, the pinnacle of Dhanush’s supremacy in delivering a powerful dialogue can be best seen in this, a monologue filled with love, emotion, desperation, and frustration that takes the scene to a whole new level. It is easily the best dialogue delivered by Dhanush.

Vai Raja Vai Dhanush Dialogue

Dhanush dialogue in Vai Raja Vai

Playing a guest role, Dhanush managed to leave with a powerful punch in the movie, giving a reference to his famous role as ‘Kokki Kumaru’ in Pudhupettai.

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Devathayai Kanden Dhanush Dialogue

Dhanush dialogue in Devathayai Kanden

Not everyone can deliver such a powerful dialogue with one word. But Dhanush managed to do it with the climax scene in this love movie. He delivers a powerful statement that gives food for thought to all love couples.

Mayakkam Enna Dhanush Dialogue

Dhanush dialoguein Mayakkam Enna

Playing a passionate photographer, this dialogue is a reminder that there’s more to life than merely earning. It is about doing something that one loves. The scene conveys emotion and passion like no other.

Thiruvilayadal Aarambam Dhanush Dialogue

Dhanush dialogue Thiruvilayadal Aarambam

A middle-class guy who falls in love with the sister of a rich business tycoon. When you are criticized for your appearance, give back a slipper shot with your intelligence.

Vada Chennai Dhanush Dialogue

Vada Chennai Dhanush dialogueDhanush gives an instant motivation with this dialogue in the movie Vada Chennai. The tone he conveys the dialogue will set your mind in a fire.

VIP Dhanush Dialogues

VIP Dhanush dialogue

Dejected after a series of underhand shit from the antagonist, Dhanush decides to step up and go rogue. This power-packed dialogue in the movie is the start of that.

Dhanush dialogue in VIP - Bad boy

Dhanush is mistaken as a nerdy character with his well-combed hair and spectacles. But his true self-comes with this dialogue and the swag that he brings with it.

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Dhanush dialogue in VIP - Evlo Thimiru

After ridiculed by the villain for his poor background and a job above his status, Dhanush delivers a long monologue, that is easily one of Dhanush’s personal best, that every middle-class guy can relate to.

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