38 Mass Ajith Dialogues That Are Damn Inspiring

Mass ajith dialogues collection

Kick-starting the carrier as an apprentice, merchandiser with garment company, this man set foot in the world of cinema doing small television commercials.

Latching on to his passion of competing in car race circuits, He made his debut as a Hero in 1993 in the film Amaravathi.

Today he is one of the top actors in South Indian Cinema Industry with huge worshippers calling him as “Thala”.

The name is “Ajith Kumar. The motivational icon for many southern youth and celebrities.

If you watch Ajith Kumar movies, there would be at least one intense dialogue that could twirl into your mind.

Below is the hand-picked list of Motivational Ajith dialogues from his Tamil movies that can inspire you to outperform in your life.

Collection of Mass Ajith Dialogues From Tamil Movies

Ajith Dialogue Kadhal Mannan

When Siva(Ajith) wins his bet with the colleagues, He opens up the statement that winning is more important to him.

This is because Siva would have taken a calculated risk of being held in police lockup for a simple bet.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Kadhal Mannan - Enaku Jeikarthu Than Mukkiyam

How extreme are you prepared to go through for winning your ultimate goal?

Repeat yourself this Kadhal Mannan Ajith dialogue within you.

Vaali Ajith Climax Dialogue

This is a voice over of Ajith Kumar that explains the hard reality of Life.

When a person dies, people see only the body rest and decay, but the fact is, if the person dies without achieving anything, his dreams, ambition, thoughts everything vanishes and buried in the earth along with his body.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Vaali - Climax dialogue

After your death, do you wish to live leaving behind a legacy? Think.

Amarkalam Ajith Dialogues

This Ajith dialogue in Amarkalam is one of the painful reality of most humans. When some have people and parents to care and bring them up high, most don’t have any.

Yet those people strive and grow high.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Amarkalam - Thaniya Valarntha Kaatu Maram

How determined are you when you really need something? Remember this Ajith dialogue in Amarkalam movie.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Amarkalam - Ena vena seiven

Dheena Ajith Mass Dialogue

Of course, we can’t say this a motivational dialogue, this is one of the epic mass Ajith dialogue in his movies list.

This Dheena’s tantrum is one of the long-serving threatening dialogue in Tamil Cinema.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Dheena - Odambula Kai Irukkum

Citizen Ajith Dialogues

Check the way you behave with others.

Are those deceptive for a momentary benefit? This Citizen Ajith dialogue invokes you.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Citizen - Nejathoda Vaazhravan

Are you alone? Will you be all alone until the end? Well, earn some true people around you.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Citizen - Naan Thani All Illa

There may be difficulties to turn away from deep-rooted habits, but if you try you can change the people.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Citizen - Court scene

Ajith Dialogues in Red

Do you hustle all day long to increase your bank balance?

How much do you care to build your lovely relationship with fellow beings?

Mass Ajith dialogue in Red - Makal Manasula Irundha Podhum

Where do you project yourself being first among all? Is it when the world needs you or when you need the world?

Mass Ajith dialogue in Red - Nooru Kodi Perla

Billa Ajith Mass Dialogues

Billa talks about the hard truth of every human being.

Trust everyone, but remember there is an LIE hidden in a word ‘BeLIEve’.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Billa - Mirukatha Nambamaten

The forces, wars, kingdoms, dynasties everything taught if a person who is a king need it, he has to fight with all his belongings to take it.

On a positive note, this Ajith Billa dialogue teaches about fighting for your ambition.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Billa - Sarithiratha Parunga

This is one of the best ever one-liner Ajith dialogues that could inspire you to get up and keep going.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Billa - I'm Back

Ajith Dialogue in English Vinglish

Ajith as a cameo encourages Shashi Godbole (Sridevi) to overcome her perplexity of talking in English.

Here, Ajith Kumar states this legitimate fact of India’s transformation in dealing with Englishmen.

Mass Ajith dialogue in English Vinglish - about English

Ajith Mass Dialogue in Aasal

This dialogue is a simple formula to judge and understand a person in front of you.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Aasal - Kanu Kaati Kuduthudum

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Mankatha Ajith Mass Dialogues

This 5 Letter word is, of course, ruling the world.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Mankatha - Money Money

Whenever you are broken up, keep calm, rise up and say this Mankatha Thala dialogue.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Mankatha - My Game

Rejected? Failed? Thrown out? – Just remember, You are still breathing.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Mankatha - Innum Saagala la

Ajith Billa 2 Mass Dialogues

Do you set a benchmark for your rivals?

Always stay ahead and deliver a top-notch in your field.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Billa 2 - Thagudi Venum

Every boss was once a hard worker.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Billa 2 - Utkandhu Vela Vanguravanukkum

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When you need to achieve something big. Don’t just wish for it, Starve for it.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Billa 2 - Aasa Illa Annachi

Design your own life perfectly.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Billa 2 - En Vaazhkaila

Arrambam Ajith Dialogues

Every person must die.

But the realm should know who are you before you die.

Just be bold enough to win the daring thing that scares you.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Arrambam - Saavuku Bayanthavanukku

Your mind has the capacity to create and destroy. Handle your thoughts with care.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Arrambam - Aakavum Mudiyum

Breakdown every complex thing that perplex you. You may able to find a simple solution.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Arrambam - Make it Simple

Do not feel you are done. Never get satisfied. Always think as just a beginning.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Arrambam - Just a Beginning

Ajith Veeram Dialogues

Belong to the hard-working community. You will never be discriminated.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Veeram - Uzhaikura Jaathi

We should take a good care of those who belong to us. So that God will take care of ourselves.

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Mass Ajith dialogue in Veeram - Kooda Irukuravangala

Be a great warrior and protect your loved ones. It doesn’t mean you have to fight for them, you can also help them to fight their own battles.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Veeram - Yenna Thaandi Thodra

Share your happiness with everyone around you. But if you are sad, don’t expect everyone to console you.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Veeram - Manushan

Ajith Dialogues in Yennai Arindhaal

Whatever field you are in, do not fall under 98 percent category where everyone follows the same pattern of work. Be exceptionally unique to break the benchmark.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Yennai Arindhaal - 98 Sadhaveeda Policekaranga

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Every individual has a dark and bright side of life. You have to decide which side you should really belong to.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Yennai Arindhaal - Oru Melisaana Kodu

Vedalam Ajith Dialogues

You may work for money, but is money your only motive? Remember this Vedhalam Ajith dialogue.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Vedalam - Thanmanathuku Onu Na

Shout out with damn confidence before you begin anything.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Vedalam - Therika Vidalama

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Vivegam Ajith Dialogues

You are not defeated unless you think you are.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Vivegam - Indha Ulagame Edirthaalum

And, Never give up!

Mass Ajith dialogue in Vivegam - Never Give up

Viswasam Ajith Dialogues

The deep truth.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Viswasam - Oru Thadava

And, Do you have guts? Learn from Thooku Durai.

Mass Ajith dialogue in Viswasam - Peru Thookudurai

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Hurray! Cheer up! How determined are you now to chase your dreams? There is always a Thala style of Motivation in you.

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  1. Thala Mass daa. Super collection. You missed these two, my favorites in Vivegam
    1. “You will see my rage”
    2. “Jeikarthuku Munadiye Kondadurathum, Jeichadhuku Aparam Aadurathum En Agarathiyilae Kedaiyathu”

    • Another dialogue vaazhkaila marakka koodathathu rendey per onnu uyir kudutha appa amma innonu namakaaga uyiraye kudukura nanban ennikkai ennikumey vaazhkaiya mudivu panrathilla ennamthaan mudivu pannum ennampol vazhkai

  2. Thala na epomaee massss thaan daaa. May 1 nalaiku Thala Day.. ulaiparal thinam. Enaikumae thalaratha ulaipin adayalam enga thala thaan.