47 Highly Inspiring Mass Vijay Dialogues Collection From His Movies

Mass Vijay Dialogues Collection

Thalapathy Vijay, The darling of mass has been a great source of Inspiration for Tamil Cinema Lovers. Being a son of Veteran director, Vijay is always a stylish actor par excellence.

Vijay movies always entertain all class of audience. The dialogues which Thalapathy Vijay uses in his movies always hold its power.

Below are some of the awe-inspiring dialogues of Vijay that could puff up your soul.

Mass Vijay Dialogues Collection

Tamizhan Vijay Dialogue

The Importance of knowing your Rights in every democratic country is emphasized in the Vijay Movie ‘Tamizhan’. Vijay as ‘Surya’ makes a point that it is critically important for every Individual to know their basic rights than their religious holy book.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Tamizhan - About Law

Vijay Dialogue in Youth

Listen to your heart before you speak and do everything thoughtfully like Shiva.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Youth

Bagavathi Vijay Dialogue

Well, The Bagavathi’s style of winning your enemy.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Bhagavathi

Thirumalai Vijay Dialogues

The life’s philosophy explained by Thirumalai.

Tirumalai Vijay dialogue - Vaazhkai Oru Vattam da

Do think 100 times before you onset anything, but never step back!

Tirumalai Vijay dialogue Mass

An elephant is big. But, if an Ant decides to ruin it. It can. Make a brave move, no matter who is in front of you as a stumbling block.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Tirumalai - Arasu

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Mass Ghilli Vijay Dialogues

Be a Master in your field.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Gilli - Indha Area, Andha Area

A hubristic attitude always results in the downfall. Do not let your success go to head.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Gilli - Aanavathula Matum

Madhurey Vijay Dialogues

Be proactive like Madhurey Vel IAS.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Madhurey

Thirupaachi Vijay Dialogues

Are all the cities really a better place to live in? Questions Sivagiri.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Thirupaachi

Sachein Vijay Dialogues

Whom do you live for? Is 90% of your daily time goes in fulfilling other person’s dream? Congrats, Your 90% of the lifetime is being utilized for another person.

Sachein Vijay dialogue Oru Naal

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Sachien elucidates the art of making fun of others which is unremembered in today’s modern world.

Sachein Vijay dialogue About Humour

Vijay Mass Dialogues in Aathi

Have this Aathi’s attitude. You will never stumble in hurdles.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Aathi - Yedirppu

Always remember. Action speaks louder than words.

Aathi Vijay dialogue - Saval Vidrathu

Do you always feel dejected towards facing your problems? Remember, human being are more capable to handle any distress than any other living creature in the world.

Mass Vijay dialogues from Aathi - Prechana Illathavan

When you feel like quitting, always remember anyone can quit or simply die. But to live, one has to breathe every day.

Mass Vijay dialogues from Aathi - Saavu

Vijay Pokkiri Dialogues

Decide and Rule your decisions like a master.

Pokkiri Vijay dialogues - Oruvaati Mudivu

Never let anyone overpower you in your zeal.

Pokkiri Vijay dialogues - Ne Padicha

Do you live to earn? or earn to live?

Pokkiri Vijay dialogues - Rowdy

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Azhagiya Tamil Magan Vijay Dialogues

Be strong like Guru, Let no force stop you.

Mass Azhagiya Tamil Magan Vijay dialogues - Kaataaru

You would have faced a lot of rejection, heartache, grief, low-spirits in your life.

Wait for a second, Think. You are still Alive.

When you can win those, why can’t you win your goals?

Mass Azhagiya Tamil Magan Vijay dialogues- Evlavo Panitom

Kuruvi Vijay Dialogues

Singamuthu’s son Vetrivel shout out the perception of every boy with respect to their love for his father.

Kuruvi Vijay mass dialogues- Appan Pecha

Be a paramount chief in anything and everything you do.

Kuruvi Vijay mass dialogues- Kaadu na Singam

Let your actions make the noise.

Kuruvi Vijay mass dialogues- Pechu Matum Than

Villu Vijay Dialogues

Do not tell them. Show them.

Mass Vijay dialogue- in Villu

Vettaikaaran Vijay Dialogues

Learn when to be patient, when to be dominant.

Mass Vijay dialogue- in Vettaikaran

Know ‘how to handle’, ‘with what to handle?’.

Mass Vijay Vettaikaran dialogue- Unakellam Policekaran

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Sura Vijay Dialogue

Do not get entangled in a foolish trap.

Mass Vijay dialoguein Sura

Mass Vijay Dialogues in Velayudham

Call your braveness “Velayudham”

Mass Vijay dialogues in Velayudham- Unakulla Irukura Thairiyathuku

Velayudham points out the positive power of people’s anger.

Mass Political Vijay dialoguein Velayudham

Nanban Vijay Dialogues

The basis of Pariyanantha’s mantra.

All is well NanbanVijay dialogue

The simple formula to succeed in Life.

Nanban Vijay dialogue- Vetrikku Pinadi Pogatha

Thuppakki Vijay Dialogues

Mass Vijay Thuppakki dialogue- Im waiting

Thuppakki Vijay dialogue- Andha Bayam

Thalaivaa Mass Dialogues

Choose your path wisely, Never turn back.

Mass Thalaivaa Vijay dialogue- Idhu Oru Vazhi

Vishwa Bhai explains that things which are made to discipline human lives shouldn’t shatter it.

Mass Vijay dialoguein Thalaiva about Jaathi

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Jilla Vijay Dialogues

Prove yourself strong in a way that no one forgets you.

Mass Jilla Vijay dialogue- Oru Vaati

Kaththi Vijay Mass Dialogues

Develop this Kathiresan’s attitude.

Mass Vijay dialogues in Kaththi - Soldratha Vida

The small minds of few city people are intellectually disclosed in this Kaththi dialogue.

Mass Vijay dialoguein Kaththi about Villagers

Puli Vijay Dialogues

Let love be your only door for others to approach you.

Mass Vijay dialoguein Puli

Mass Vijay Dialogues in Theri

Vijaykumar beautifully illustrates the weight of education.

Mass Vijay dialogues in Theri about Education

Dear Dad’s, For your kind attention.

Vijay dialogue in Theri about Fathers

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Bairavaa Vijay Dialogues

Have the Guts of Bairavaa.

Mass Vijay dialogue in Bairavaa

Keep your words. No matter how difficult you are cornered.

Mass Vijay dialogues in Bairavaa - Neraya Per

Powerful Mersal Dialogue

Always remember,

Mass Mersal Vijay dialogue

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Vijay Sarkar Dialogue

Dare to face. No matter how many times you have to.

Sarkar Vijay dialogue

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Feel these Vijay Dialogues Collection with the BGM

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