11 Best Political Ideologies And Lessons From LKG Movie

LKG Movie Lessons

RJ Balaji’s latest political venture LKG movie is a political satire movie where he plays the role of LKG. LKG as the short form for Lalgudi Karupaiah Gandhi. Right from the name, title, songs, character names and visuals, the movie deals with too many political ideologies.

Here Are The Best Political Ideologies From LKG movie.

Be An Opportunist

Political Lessons From LKG Movie

LKG is one of the best opportunists, doesn’t wait for the opportunity to knock the door. Rather he breaks the door open and goes in search for an opportunity or just create one and grows further. The character always tries to utilize every opportunity to his good fortune.

Youngsters Should Speak Politics

Youngster in Politics LKG Movie

Politics has always been the elder people’s area of interest. But sticking to the current trend and apt to the current situation of Tamil Nadu, which is right now devastated by the loss of two politician bigshots, RJ Balaji as LKG in the movie stresses that youngsters should start involving into politics for things to get better.

Value Your Vote

LKG Movie Vote

Emphasis on the value of voting by saying if everyone turns up voting valuing it, not getting money for a vote, a good change is unstoppable. The movie conveys that if an entire generation follows ethics, even the leader of them would be valuable.

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Corporate’s Role in Politics

Corporate in LKG Movie

Corporate works for money.

This ideology is one of the main themes behind the LKG movie. The role played by corporate aids the political party in a positive way which conventional political propaganda can’t do.

Believe In Yourself

LKG Movie Political Lessons

From a ward councilor to state’s Chief Minister under the age of 30 years is a herculean task indeed. LKG despite an inexperienced politician believed in himself and grew up the ladder when everyone around him felt he was trying beyond his reach.

No Pain No Gain

RJ Balaji wounded - LKG Movie

A shrewd politician using the situations to his good fortune also believed in hard work. Believed in ideology that nothing comes easily. For 3 votes he would spend all his resources to go against one school administration to show off his power, shows how much he is ready to do the groundwork for even a small profit.

Social Media – The Latest Weapon

RJ Balaji Fake Cry in LKG Movie

Gone are those days when people get to know the day to day happenings via news channels. That too politically biased news channels. Nowadays it is all about memes and how social media perceives the news or content.

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Corruption Should Become a Bad Word

JK Rithesh in LKG Movie

Voting must be taken seriously and money for voting should be avoided evert way possible. Corruption in every form must be prohibited for a better society, is the core ideology.

Realize That Power Is With Public

LKG Movie Priya Anand and RJ Balaji in Press Meet Scene

The public must realize that from councilors to Chief Ministers everyone is their servant. The actual power is with the public.

Every Single Vote is Important

LKG Movie Polling

We all got to know how important how each and everyone’s vote is important through the recent political controversial satire Sarkar. The same point gets emphasized in a different perspective how a politician’s ideology covers to get every single prospective voter!

The One Who Speaks Well Will Lead Well

LKG Movie RJ Balaji Question

The one who speaks well will lead well is literally the mantra or the biggest ideology RJ Balaji as LKG would have followed to raise up the ranks. Gets good name amongst the public and at the same time ends up getting the power and looting money just because of his speaking abilities.

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