12 Mass Mersal Dialogues That Are As Powerful As The Film

Mersal Powerful dialogues

Mersal, The most awaited movie of Tamil Cinema hit the screen on Festival season of Diwali 2017. Following the yesteryear blockbuster of Vijay-Atlee, Theri; Mersal has been accepted by majority of the audience worldwide.

Atlee has been mastering the art of entertaining the masses with the commercial style of films. The movie Mersal proves this, as it entertains Vijay Fans with all aspects.

In addition to the humongous response the film has received, Its dialogues were deep-seated to create a chaos among political leaders. Vijay (Maaran Character in Mersal) compares the growth of Singapore with India comparing the GST rates between the countries. Such dialogues of Vijay about GST were opposed by BJP leaders and were asked to be removed from the movie.

Though these dialogues of Mersal movie were facing vigorous opposition, The people of Tamil Nadu express their appreciation to those dialogues with strong applause at the theatres.

Yes, Mersal has got such powerful dialogues.

Here you can see some of the other Mersal movie dialogues which are thought-provoking and readily enjoyable.

Powerful Mersal Dialogues with Thought-Provoking Meanings

Mass Mersal Dialogue – ‘Ne Patravaitha Nerupu Ondru’

Ne Patruvaitha Nerupu Ondru - Mass Mersal dialogue

Mersal Dialogue about Dressing and Attitude

Mass Mersal dialogue about dressing sense

SJ Surya Mersal Dialogue about People Mentality

Mass SJ Surya Mersal dialogue about Marathi

Mersal Dialogue about Importance of Water

Mass Mersal dialogue about buying water

Mersal Dialogue about Cesarean

Mass SJ Surya dialogue about cesarean

Mersal Dialogue about Answering Sense

Mersal dialogue about answering sense

Powerful Mersal Dialogue about Leader

Mass Mersal dialogue about Thalaivan

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‘Kaigal Oongum’ Mersal Dialogue

Mersal Kaigal Oongum dialogue

Mighty Mersal Dialogue about Leadership

Mass Mersal dialogue about leadership

‘Alanganallur Kaala’ Mersal Dialogue

Mass Mersal dialogue - Alanganallur Kaala

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Mersal Dialogue about Pride of Madurai

Mass Mersal dialogue about Madurai

Mersal Dialogue about Lifestyle

Mersal dialogue about living with nature

And, finally the Mersal-GST dialogue.

Mersal GST dialogues

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