13 Strong Sarkar Dialogues With Powerful Life Lessons

Strong Sarkar Dialogues

So, Next to Mersal. Is it Sarkar?

In the lines of a Consecutive blockbuster for Vijay? No.

Fastest 200 Cr Club at Kollywood Box-office? No.

Wait. You would have guessed it now. Mersal for Central. And Yes, Sarkar for the State.

Despite unendurable oppositions, The movie Sarkar managed to win the people interest.

The director AR Murugadoss who is known for his brilliance of bringing out the societal issues, well executed this masterpiece ‘Sarkar’.

This is quite evident through the awareness the movie Sarkar had bought about the law section 49P among people today.

Similarly, Sarkar dialogues have a lot more to teach you some strong life lessons.

Sarkar Monster Dialogue

Be a Monster in your field. Well, On a Good Note.

Sarkar Dialogue He is a Monster

Sarkar Dialogues About Vote

You should always remember how important is your vote for the nation.

Sarkar Dialogue Naan Enoda Vote Podrathukaga

Here is something you should pay attention to. The power of a single vote.

Sarkar Dialogues about Vote

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Sarkar Dialogue about problems and solution

Sarkar Dialogue about the power of people

Businessmen must take note.

Sarkar Dialogue about people support

Sarkar Dialogue about Marketing

Handle this power of negativity with care.

Sarkar Dialogue - That is called Marketing

‘Thirumba Vandha’ – Sarkar Dialogue

Strike back if they come back. You can apply this in all aspect of life until something stops to bother you.

Thirumba Vandha Thirumbavum Adipaen

‘Savaal Vidumodhu’ – Sarkar Dialogue

Carefully Challenge.

Sarkar Dialogue about Challenge

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Sarkar Dialogue about Danger to Democracy

Sarkar Dialogue about Danger to Democracy

Sarkar Dialogue about the Power of Election Day

Sarkar Dialogue about the Power of Election Day

Sarkar Dialogue – ‘Kelvi Keta Prechana Varum’

Know this before you question anyone.

Sarkar Dialogue - Kelvi Keta Prechana Varum

Finally, Remember. This is a DIGITAL AGE.

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