10 Hard-Hitting Life Lessons From Super Deluxe Tamil Movie

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons

Super Deluxe is one of the best black comedy Tamil movies in recent times. The movie super deluxe has multiple characters story-line. Still, each one creates a stronger impact on you.

Vijay Sethupathi who is known for his versatility gave a dauntless attempt in his characterization. The star actor as Shilpa leaves a solid emotional footprint. Fahadh Fasil as Mugilan and Samantha as Vaembu were the contemplate character creation of the director about a modern husband and wife relationship. While the Leela and Arphutham Characters holds the typical scrimmage of a lower class entangled relationship.

Though all those portrayals were not about judging people of the kind, these characters as a whole or at some part of the movie teaches you some of the hardest life lessons in today’s world.

Life Lessons from Super Deluxe Tamil Movie

10The Temptation and Consequences of Vaembu

Vaembu clearly stated that she doesn’t know at which point it got started. The Romanic Lust.

What about you? How do you handle your temptations? Just think about the consequences. Here, Vaembu faces the toughest situation ever in her life after she commits the mistake.

Life Lessons From Super Deluxe Movie - Vaembu

9The Amma’s Sin

Dhanasekaran attempts suicide and his son attempts to murder his mother. The dignity of motherhood is sarcastically remarked along with a thoughtful question by the same mother justifying her act at the end. The question to all youngsters who enjoy porn and prostitution, “You enjoy the call girl. You never realize she too has a family. Your only worry is that the girl shouldn’t belong to your family. Right?”

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - The Amma

8The Auto Connection of Deeds

Soori (Leela’s Son) breaks the glass of Auto where the same Auto saves Soori by taking him to hospital. You don’t know what exactly is gonna happen with things around you. Always do good. Nevertheless, do not do bad things. Your good and bad deeds always fall in your path. Experiencing the positive or negative result of those depends on the universe.

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - The Auto Connection

7The Way of Dealing with Public

In the first scene of Arputham, He was begged by a mother to save his child using his prayer power. But, Arputham refuses. The Later situation turns as Arphutham himself run for his own child for saving him.

No matter what, if you are in a position or job that serves the public. Consider that you are serving your own family. Never treat society as someone’s responsibility.

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - Arputham Aandavar

6The True Meaning of Forgiveness

When Mugilan keeps on insisting the mistake made by Vaembu, Vaembu asks as of why he offends her repeatedly despite the forgiveness she seeks. When you truly forgive a person’s mistake, Do not talk about it later.

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - Samantha Thappu Panitanae

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5Pay For Sin

The boys go in search of all possible wrong paths to earn money for buying two TVs. So as to cover up the mistake made by them. Always remember, the payment for the sin is too costly to afford.

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - Boys

4The Way of Treating Your Fellow Being in the Society?

The School correspondent doesn’t even give a damn to hear Shilpa. Just because she is a Transgender. Was she not a human being?

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - Sir Oru Nimisham

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3The Cheap Mentality

Mugilan hates Vaembu and wanted to divorce her because of Vaembu’s illegal sex with her college friend. At one point, both Mugilan and Vaembu were put in a life or death situation. At that time, the policeman blackmails the couple and demands sexual pleasure from Vaembu. Now, Mugilan goes and talk to Vaembu about the possibilities of satisfying the policeman.

The reason for which Mugilan wants to divorce Vaembu becomes invalid when it comes to saving his own life. Does our society have such selfish mentalities around?

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - Samantha Pathini Dialogue

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2A Woman’s Belief on Men

Though the situation turns out of the control, Vaembu pleads Mugilan to save her life from the policeman. That is the belief the women have on men. Women believe that the true man is capable of saving a woman however tough the situation is. So Men, Are we?

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - Samantha Kapathunga Dialogue

1The Chase of the Sin

Shilpa asks for forgiveness to Arphutham. She realizes her sin and felt that the sin is following her and swallowing her happiness.

Super Deluxe Movie Life Lessons - Andha Paavam

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