28 Best Surya Dialogues Collection and Motivational Lessons

Surya, the Versatile actor of South Indian Cinema has been inspiring the movie admirers with his power pack performances.

Surya dialogues in his Tamil movies can inspire you, motivate you, Ignite you and even educate you about the basic sense and behavior in the society.

The below collection of Surya dialogues could be a feast for the Surya fans and thought-provoking to Tamil movie lovers.

Want to know how?

You may have to travel with me on each of the below Surya dialogues with a motivational mindset towards it.

Surya Kaakha Kaakha Dialogue

Surya dialogues in khakha khakha

Of Course the most famous one among the Surya dialogues.

You may have to build a strong team around you when you want to achieve something big.

“Naanga Naalu Pear, Engaluku Bayamae Therila. Department la engala ilam kandru nu sonanga, We were the Untouchables.”

Surya Pithamagan Dialogue

Surya dialogues in pithamagan

This dialogue of Surya in Pithamagan may seem unnoticed. But you can gain a simple motivation “Don’t accept the defeat unless you give up.”

“Ne jeichitu veetuku poiduva, Naan thiruvodu eanthitu theruvuku ponuma. Vai”

Surya Ghajini Dialogue

Surya dialogues in Ghajini about Thanamikkai

AR Murugadoss, the director of the movie Ghajini, is known for his powerful dialogues. Surya with his business attitude as Sanjay had just nailed the scene with a simple explanation of the difference between the Confidence and Overconfidence.

“Thanambikai kum thalaganathukum nool alavu than vithyasam.
Enala mudiyum ndrathu Thanambikai.
Enala matum than mudiyum ndrathu thalaganam.”

He also added the simple formula for a successful work life.

Surya dialogues in Ghajini about Uzlaippu

“Kastapatu ozlacha jeika mudiyathu,
Estapatu ozlacha than jeika mudiyum.
Seira velaya virumbi panuvom.”

Vaaranam Aayiram Surya Dialogues

Surya dialogues in Vaaranam Aayiram about Life

“Whatever happens life has to go on.” – A Simple statement which helps you stay self-motivated in life.

Surya dialogues in Vaaranam Aayiram Gym scene

“Unga Odamba ready panunga ealla valiyum poidum”

Surya in Varanam Aayiram had left a powerful message to the youth of society. His dialogue during the workout scene of Vaaranam Aayiram could create a strong impact if you realize it deeply.

“Neenga than enoda Hero Dady” – Yes, for every child, their dad is the hero.

Surya love proposal dialogue in Vaaranam Aayiram

“Hi Malani, Im Krishnan. Naan edha soliyae aaganum. Ne avlavu azlagu. Enga evanum evlo azlaga oru..Evlo azlaga paathu eruka matanga. And I’m in love with you.” – This evergreen love proposal dialogue created a sensation in young minds after Alaipayuthae.

Of Course, the girl is always special for her boy.

Surya Ayan Dialogues

Surya dialogues in Ayan

“Yara namburathunae therila Daas anna.” – The most frustrated Ayan movie dialogue. You must have used this dialogue at least once in your lifetime.
Don’t you say Yes!

Surya dialogues in Ayan about Life

“Yean da endha vairam ena un usura vida perusa.” – This dialogue questions today’s people mindset. Are you among the one who goes after making money than your health?

Singam Surya Dialogues

Here comes the mass dialogue collection of Surya in Singam Franchise.

Singam 1 Dialogues:

Surya dialogues in Singam Edirpakala la

Raise up with an attitude such that those who expected you to be failed may stay surprised.

“Edhirpakala la, Edirthu ninu adipenu edirpakala la. Thaniya ninu thatuvenu nenachi pakala la”

Surya dialogues in Singam - Ongiadicha


This is the most commercial mass Surya dialogue which everyone loved in Singam.

“Singatha photo la pathu erupa, cinema la pathu erupa, tv la paathu erupa yean koondla kuda paathu erupa.

Kamberama kaatla nadanthu paathu erukiya, verithanama thaniya ninu vetayadi paathu erukiya. Oongi adicha ondra ton weight da..”

Singam 2 Dialogues:

Surya dialogues in Singam2 with Bhaai

So, how do you see your job?

If you don’t value your work and workplace like this. Believe me. You are not mean for it.

“Bhaai ne athu meerita, en thanmanatha seendi paathuta, Police vela enaku theivam madiri. Police station enaku koyil madhiri.”

Surya dialogues in Singam2 - Clean Police

Don’t always stay narrow minded. Widen you thoughts and make your path flexible in a way such that you reach your goal.

“Evanungala samalika clean police ah erundha pathathu sir, Konjam criminal police ah maranum”

Surya dialogues in Singam2 about love

This surya dialogue in Singam 2 movie is a lovely explanation about Love.

“Aduthavanga manasula ena eruku nu theriyama athu meerathu peru kadhal ela.
Nenjula vachikitu nenapula vazlanum”

Singam 3 Dialogues:

Surya dialogues in Singam 3 Policestation

Are you getting richer everyday by making poor poorer? Those who do should remember this dialogue.

“Aandavan alli alli thana da thandhu erukan aparam yean da aduthavan sadhaya killi thindringa”

Surya dialogues in Singam 3 Policestation 2

This is a best patriotic dialogue of Surya in Singam 3 which can invoke the patriotism in every true citizen’s heart.

“Porantha naada thapa pesurathu petha thaaya asingapaduthurathuku samam da”

Surya dialogues in Singam 3 Oru thavaru seithaal

Remember to treat people equally all time.

“Oru thavaru seithaal, adhai therindhu seithaal. Avan dhevan endralum vidamaten.”

Surya dialogues in Singam 3 Pasicha matum

Don’t get into things that comes your way. Wait for your right time and take a lead with a right move.

“Naan pathathulam thingura Onaai illa da, Pasicha matum vettaiyadra singam”

Surya Dialogues in 7am Arivu

Surya dialogues in 7aam arivu veeram throgam

“Veerathukum Throgathukum vithyasam therinjiko, Oru Tamilana 9 Naadu senthu konathuku peru veeram illa, Throgam.” – A redefined definition for Betrayal.

Surya dialogues in 7aam arivu climax

We should learn to value our self and teach our moral values to the next generation.

“Nama epdi erundhom ndratha adutha thalaimuraiku soli kudutha, Endha ulagathukae nama than vazlikatiya erundhom ndra than nambikai avangaluku varum. Adha seiyathathunala than china china naadugalalam ananthu pathukitu avanga pinadi odikitu erukom.”

Surya Dialogues in 24 Movie

Surya dialogues in 24 about watch

“I have come for my watch” – Just a mass one liner among Surya dialogues

Surya dialogues in 24 - watch mechanic

“Im a watch machanic madam, edhelam romba sarva sadarnamana vishayam.”

Surya Dialogues in Ayutha Ezhuthu

Surya dialogues in Ayutha Ezluthu

The song followed by this inspiring surya dialogue in Ayutha Ezhuthu turned as an Anthem of Youth population.

Edhu mudivu illa. Aarambam. Edirkaalam elaingargal kaiyila.
Eni oru eni oru Vidhi seivom. Vidhiyinai maatrum vidhi seivom.”

Surya Dialogue in Mounam Pesiyathae

Surya dialogues in Mounam Pesiyathae

This is one of the most practical surya dialogues with deep meaning in it.

“Olunga thana da irundhinga, Thedeernu enga erundhu da varudhu endha loveu”

Surya Dialogue in Vel

Surya dialogues in Vel

One of the longer punch dialogues of Surya in the movie Vel. It matches the values expected out of an individual with respective to the profession.

“Police na bayam eruka kudathu. Vakkil na poi eruka kudathu. Vaathiyar na thapu eruka kudathu. Arasiyal na aasa eruka kudathu. Adhigari na aanavam eruka kudathu. Adiyaal na arivu eruka kudathu.”

Surya Dialogue in Aaru

Surya dialogues in Aaru

“Meenuku thoondil ediri. Paambuku parundhu ediri. Police ku thirudan ediri aana rowdy ku rowdy than da ediri.” – The practical vulnerability of living is explained.

Surya Dialogue in Anjaan

Surya dialogues in Anjaan

Who are you? Are you among the one who forget the goal when obstacles fall onto the path? If so, You should not be.

Just wait thoughtfully until you get your prey.

“Chinadha vetta satham keta odanae bayanthu paraka nan ena purava. Ninu nidhanama eraya thookitu pora kazlugu da.”

Surya Dialogue in Maasu

Surya dialogues in Maasu

Let haters listen you! Show them that you are back with a bang this time!

“Edirpaakaila la. Naan meendum varuvenu edirpaakaila la. Adhuvum epadi varuvenunu edirpaakaila la. Vanduten da.”

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Disclaimer: The dialogues written are not spell checked. 
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