21 Best Ever Tamil Love Dialogues That Will Make Your Partner Fall For You

Best Tamil Love Dialogues Collection

Oh, do you love someone? Go and Express now!

Wait. How will you express?

Gonna gift something great? Gonna try something new? Well, you can always do things.


You got to talk. Expressing your love, your feel for them on your words mean a lot to them. I totally agree you cannot be too cinematic towards your love. But check out these Tamil Love Dialogues. Oh my god! These are too romantic and too real!

21. ‘Naan Paditha Kavidhai’ – Kadhal Desam Dialogues

Tamil Love Dialogue From Kadhal Desam

This is one of the classic love dialogue from the Kadhal Desam movie. Love expressed in these poetic lines always make a girl feel unique.

20. ‘Somersault Lam Adichen Theriyuma’ – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Love Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From VTV - Somersault Lam Adichen Theriyuma

The craze to fall in love among teenagers is so much that they go and seek it instead of allowing it to find. This is beautifully explained in the dialogue and how the feeling will be.

19. ‘Namala Potu Thaakanum’ – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From VTV - Namala Potu Thaakanum

Love is often said to be at first sight and that is what this dialogue conveys in a vivid manner by the hero as he describes his feelings to the girl, whom he fell for the very first time she met him.

18. ‘Ulagathula Evlavo Ponnunga’ – VTV Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From VTV - Ulagathula Evlavo Ponnunga

With heartbreaks and depression taking over, the one question everyone asks is, of all girls, why did I choose to love her? This is so relatable as at one point or another everybody finds themselves in this situation.

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17. ‘Un Kan Vazhiya’ – VTV Jessie Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From VTV - Un Kan Vazhiya

The reason love is so amazing is that it shows us that one person who will look as like we are the best thing that ever happened to them and when two people express the feeling, it is often a beautiful moment to be cherished.

16. ‘Sorry Solika Aarambicha’ – Dialogue From The Movie Parthiban Kanavu

Tamil Love Dialogue From Parthiban Kanavu

Love is often portrayed to be exciting and marriage the opposite. This movie shows, even an arranged marriage can just be as exciting and beautiful, if there’s love after the marriage between the couple.

15. ‘Naa Kudichathan’ – Raja Rani Love Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From Raja Rani Movie - Naan Kudicha Thaan

A matured line, this shows how a husband who is patching things up with his wife tells this, much to the surprise and delight of his wife, when he says he’ll leave drinking for her. It is a touching moment in the context of the story.

14. ‘Made For Each Other’ – Raja Rani Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From Raja Rani Movie - Made For Each Other

A common assumption or should it be put that, we all have a soulmate. The one who is the so-called perfect match for us. However, that is far from reality, where random people are together and lead a happy life.

13. ‘Amma Madila’ – Love Dialogue From Raja Rani

Tamil Love Dialogues From Raja Rani Movie - Amma Madila

This dialogue shatters the viewers as an orphan falls in love with a young man and on her birthday, she asks if she can lie on his lap as she had never done that with her mother. This shows how a person sees their parent in whom they love.

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12. ‘Namalayae Oruthi Ok Pani Iruka’ – Theri Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From Theri Movie

The Feel of every boy.

11. ‘Adhan Nooru Varushathukum Thonum’ – Theri Love Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From Theri Movie

When the hero asks how she wanted to marry him in that one minute she saw her, she explains it amazingly when she says that is how she will feel about him the rest of the life and is more than enough reason for her to say yes.

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10. ‘Naan Una Adhigama Virumbuven” – Kaatru Veliyidai Love Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogue From Kaatru Veliyidai Movie

Can you promise this to your love? Just take a deep breath and Think.

9. ‘Una Minja Oruthi Vandhuta Ma’ Love Dialogue From Vaaranam Aayiram

Tamil Love Dialogue From Vaaranam Aayiram Movie

A Kind of feel that a boy gets on falling for a girl for the first time. Love at the first sight. Here, Surya beautifully compares his feeling towards the love he has for his mother.

8. ‘En Kaila Oru Thaaliyum’ – Minnalae Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogues From Minnalae Movie

A cult movie among youth, the hero replies this to the girl who proposed to him saying that the only thing left is a traditional approach as once that is there, he is so ready to start a life with her.

7. ‘Minnal Velichathula Oru Pona Pathaen’ – Dialogue From Minnalae Movie

Minnal Velcihathula Love Dialogue From Minnalae Movie

6. ‘En Koodayae Iru nu Kenjuven’ Love Dialogue From O Kadhal Kanmani

Tamil Love Dialogue From OK Kanmani Movie

A modern relationship, where the couple is hellbent on not getting married, they finally understand the society’s emphasis on marriage and decide to get married at last, in a happy ending.

5. ‘Azha Vaikura Hema’ Love Dialogue From Yennai Arindhaal

Tamil Love Dialogue From Yennai Arindhaal Movie

The Rights. They only have.

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4. ‘Nightu Fulla Pesalam’ – Irandam Ulagam Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogue From Irandam Ulagam Movie

A Casual love dialogue which underlines the importance of conversation. The late night conversations between the couples always make them happy.

3. ‘Romba Thooram Poitya Ram’ – 96 Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogue From the movie 96

This simple question and answer have just stolen the heart of millions.

2. ‘Unga Mela Paithiyama Irukanum’ – Kaakha Kaakha Love Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogue From Kaakha Kaakha Movie

The best ever line from a girl to his love. These love lines from Kaakha Kaakha are the ordinary ones that bring out the normal feeling of a woman. But in an extraordinary way.

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1. ‘Ne Azhaga Iruka Nu Nenaikala’ – Alai Payuthey Dialogue

Tamil Love Dialogue From Alaipayuthe Movie

The iconic love dialogue that is talked about even after so many years, this shows the youthful exuberance and the fiery feeling of love at its best, making it as well the movie, an all-time classic.

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