18 Electrifying Motivational Tamil Songs To Fire Up Your Mood

Tamil Motivational Songs List

Fed up with something that wrecked you down?

You can step up with a powerful ignition of your soul by reading this.

Have you ever felt strong after listening to a motivational speech by your favorite actor or celebrity?

Have you ever felt your heart pump faster and your steel nerves began to tighten while you were watching a motivational movie scene?

Well, if yes! These list of Motivational Tamil songs are going to give you a great push now.

The Best Tamil Motivational Songs List

18Yaaru Yaaru Neathu Sadhichadhu Yaru – Lee

This is a Powerful motivational Tamil song from the Tamil Movie ‘Lee’. The couch gives a rigorous training to his students to win and be a champion.

“Yaaru Yaaru Neathu Sadhichadhu Yaaru
Unpol Enpol Ingu Ullavan Thaan Paaru”

Tamil Motivational Songs - Yaaru Yaaru Neatru Sadhichadhu Yaru - Lee

Do you think you can’t achieve something because you lack something? Listen to this song right now!

The Motivational Lines That Can Change Your Mindset

“Malaiyodu Modhidalamae Vegamaai Maarinaal
Nerupodu Vaazhnthidalamae Yaagamai Maarinaal
Minsara Kambi Yellam,
Paravaiku Pon Oonjalae”

17Nada Da Raja – VIP 2

Go and get started with what you want to do. Start with the swag statement like Raghuvaran. The world is always ready to welcome the winners. Don’t just win. DOMINATE!

“Watch Out Amul Babies
It is Raghuvaran Back Again”

Tamil Motivational Songs - Nada Da Raja - VIP 2

16Vellai Illa Patadhari – VIP 1

This VIP song is the Motivational Anthem of many younsters. The powerful voice of the Rockstar Anirudh and his composition would stir up you in the best possible way.

Do you have obstacles in life? Do you feel things are not moving as per the plan? Keep calm and switch on this motivational tamil song.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Vellai Illa Patadhari - VIP 1

Motivational Lines To Break Your Obstacles

“Thadai Adhai Udai
Pudhu Sarithiram Padai. Naalai Namadhae
Vali Adhai Ozhi
Pudhu Vazhi Pirandhidum Adhu Urudhi.”

15Kodi Parakudha – Kodi

Did someone ditched you? Oh man! Raise up and hit back hard. Not on violence. Your success in front of their eyes should make them to regret for what they did to you.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Kodi Parakudha - Kodi

Motivational Lines To Win In Front Of Your Enemy’s Eyes

Naan Parakura Neram Idhu Da
Mavanae Thedi Poi Seiyaporen Da
Thala Polakura Vegam Nada Da
Enga Iruka Ne Thedi Varen Da”

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14Poradinaal – Aadukalam

You can win if you fight. Always remember that struggle make you stronger. This Motivational Aadukalam song gives you a fire at the rap.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Poradinaal - Aadukalam

13Thani Oruvan Ninaithuvittal – Thani Oruvan

You don’t always need a mass or a group to win big. Always remember if you think you have to do something big and your thoughts are powerful enough, things will fall on your plate.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Thani Oruvan Ninaithuvittal - Thani Oruvan

Motivational Lines About You. The ONE power.

“Naan Oru Thani Padai
Naanae Endhan Thalaivan
Naan Naan
Endrum Thani Oruvan”

12Meesaya Murukku

Meesaya Murukku is one the best motivational movies in Tamil Cinema and this Meesaya Murukku theme song strongly gives you a bigger push. All the inspiring lines were from the life story of the successful Hip-Hop Tamizhan Aadhi. The song even starts with an ask as ‘Open your eyes’

Tamil Motivational Songs - Meesaya Murukku

“Open your eyes
Now see there some rise
I know i’ve made it”

11Savaal – Kanaa

How do you face a challenge? Hey! Hear out loud this ‘Savaal’ song from Kanaa. No force should stop you from emerging as a champion. You would definitely feel the force.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Savaal - Kanaa

Motivational Song Lines To Know Yourself

“Unnai Veezhtha Mudiyaathae
Kanavugal Kai Serumae
Maatraththai Maattri Kaattum
Aatral Oorum Unnaalae”

10Petta Parak – Petta

Get started with the Superstar’s mode. Start your work with greater energy. March forward with the powerpack performances. Let your fans utter ‘Petta Parak’ with your name.

We also have more for you about the movie ‘Petta’.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Petta Parak - Petta

Are you the one like this?

“Ivan Vilunthutaan
Ena Nenachiyaa
Jeyikka Porandhavan
Petta Paraak.”

9Thalai Viduthalai – Vivegam

How would it be if you hear the most powerful sentence as ‘Never Give Up’ from the inspiring person who never gives up whatever it takes.

Oh! You should hear this roar of Thala Ajithkumar in this Thalai Viduthalai song. Well, Anirudh have given almost three best motivational songs in Vivegam. Don’t miss the album.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Thalai Viduthalai - Vivegam

Motivational Words That Ask You To Never Give Up

“Intha Ulagamae Unna Ethirthalum
Ella Suzhlnilaiyilum
Nee Thothutta Thothutta Nu
Un Munnadi Ninnu Alarunalum”

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8Ethir Neechal

This is one of the best peppy motivational Tamil songs that would keep your mood up when you practice something.

This is a Jolly Motivational Song! LOL, Yes!

Tamil Motivational Songs - Ethir Neechal

Motivational Song Lines To Remind You The Reality Of Life

“Naalai Endrum Nam Kaiyil Illai
Naam Yaarum Devan Kai Bommaigale
Endraal Kooda Poraadu Nanba
Yendraikkum Thoarkkaathu Unmaigale”

7Edirthu Nil – Biriyani

Don’t get upset when the situation turns upside down. Don’t stop and fallback. Move forward. All you have to do is to get up and chase them down.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Edirthu Nil - Biriyani

Motivational Lines To Help You Stand Against The Odds

“Ninaithathai Nadathi Munneru
Nilaikkattum Namathu Varalaaru”

6Nenjae Ezhu – Maryan

Things going out of control in life? Are there no signs of silver lining ahead? Say your heart to raise up!

This is one of the greatly written motivational tamil songs that gives you the instances of low-life and encourages you to stand up whatever the reason may be.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Nenjae Ezhu - Maryan

Motivational Song Lines To Keep You Up Whatever Happens

“Aayiram Suriyan Suttaalum
Karunaiyin Varnam Karainthaalum
Vaan Varai Atharmam Aandaalum
Manithan Anbai Maranthaalum”

5Top Tucker – Sarkar

I would say that this is one of the stylish Tamil Motivational songs in Tamil Cinema. Walk in Thalapathy’s style and challenge your opponent.

Hear and wear this complete swag!

Tamil Motivational Songs - Top Tucker - Sarkar

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4Ezhu Velaikara – Velaikkaran

Everyone is a worker in this world. We also have some of the great life lessons from the movie ‘Velaikkaran’. And, this song ‘Ezhu Velaikara’ is a no-doubt motivational song that offers a good motivational pill as much as the movie offers.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Ezhu Velaikara - Velaikkaran

Motivational Lines To Push You Up

“Poradu Oyadhe
Theyadhe Saayathey
Aaradhey Sooradhey
Ezhu Velaikkara Indre Indre”

3Neruppu Da – Kabali

Everyone goes crazily high when the song starts with the frightening BGM. The one minute of the song BGM prepares your mindset followed by Thalaivar Rajinikanth’s voice and the vigorous Arun Raja Kamaraj voice with bloody powerful dialogues from the Superstar as Kabali at the end.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Neruppu Da - Kabali

Let The Lines Be About You

“Adakkunaa Adangura Aalaa Ne
Izhuthathum Piriyura Noolaa Ne
Thadaiyellam Mathikira Aalaa Ne”

2Vaazhkaiyil Aayiram – Padayappa

No one would have succeeded without a hurdle. Whatever may be that blocks on your path of success, this is one of encouraging and Motivational Tamil songs that gives you a thrust to turn all your bricks into a stepping stones.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Vaazhkaiyil Aayiram - Padayappa

Motivational Song Lines That Helps You To Move Forward

“Vetri Kodi Kattu Pagaivarai Muttum Varai Muttu
Latchiyam Ettum Varai Ettu
Padaiyedu Padaiyappa”

1Vetri Nichayam – Annamalai

Always stick to your passion. Stay awake with your dreams. This is the top among the Tamil Motivational songs that stays as a classic motivator with great lyrics to win your opponent. Sometimes you may be your only competitor. Stay high, Challenge and win yourself.

Tamil Motivational Songs - Vetri Nichayam - Annamalai

Motivational Lines For Your Dedication

“Imaya Malai Aagaamal Enathu Uyir Pogaathu
Soriyan Thuungalaam Enathu Vizhi Thoongaathu”

Felling stronger now? It’s time to Turn on the songs.

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