The Best 14 Unforgettable Movie Mothers In Tamil Movies

Tamil Movie Mothers

Mother sentiment is one emotion where everyone irrespective of age, irrespective of gender can invariably connect themselves to. Such an emotion is exploited well throughout Tamil cinema history in every possible way.

We also have the list of Top 10 Amma sentiment songs in Tamil Cinema.

Let us look at the best tamil movie mother characters that stay in the minds of people who love Tamil Cinema.

The Best Tamil Movie Mothers in Tamil Cinema

14Kalyani from Siva Manasula Sakthi

Kalyani character played by Urvashi is one of the most friendly mother characters in Tamil Cinema. She visits her son’s crush just as how a friend does. She gets along with Sakthi(Her son’s love) and makes her son realize his responsibilities.

Best Tamil movie mother character - SMS

13Indira Thiruchelvan from Kannathil Muthamittal

Indira Thiruchelvan played by Simran in Kannathil Muthamittal is a critically acclaimed role. Conveying the truth to her daughter about that she isn’t her biological mother and then accepting to even search and reach out to her daughter’s actual mother is a heavy content to thread indeed.

Best Tamil movie mother character - SMS

12Indira from New

Dhevayani was nonchalantly playing the role of mother to a mischievous kid. The kid is so mischievous that he ends up cloning himself to an elder version during night time and as a child in the day time.

Being strict to her troublesome kid, the mother goes heavy-hearted when she misses him. This Mother character in the movie is recognized for the remarkable versatility that brings out the extreme emotions of a typical Indian mother.

Best Tamil movie mother character - New SJ Surya Movie

11Priya from Aalavandhan

Anu Haasan’s character Priya, mother to Vijay and Nandu in the movie is the most pivotal character. The character comes up only in thoughts of Nandu who is psychiatrically disturbed after his step mother’s misconduct.

The words of the mother Priya alone controls Nandhu over his entire course of life.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Aalavandhan

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10Nandha’s Mother from Nandha

Rajashree carried this nameless mother character very well throughout the movie. Seeing her own son killing her husband, his own father, she plays a strong woman as a deaf and dumb in the Mother character.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Nandha

9Bhuvaneshwari from Pichaikkaran

Dheepa as Bhuvaneshwari from Pichaikkaran was the ill mother for whom his son would become a beggar. The ethics and manners which she keeps emphasizing throughout the movie despite her illness and richness remain the best part of the movie.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Pichaikkaran

8Saradha from Raam

Saranya Ponvannan who played the Mother Role in Raam is one of the best moms in Tamil Cinema. Being a mother to a mentally disturbed kid needed to showcase extra love and affection but subtle at the same time.

The audience goes blank with a broken heart when the mother character ends in the movie.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Raam

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7Jeeva’s Mother from Kadhalukku Mariyadha

How often do you see a climax where the hero’s mom and heroine’s mom speak off and resolve the conflicts so that the couple gets back together again?

Best moms indeed!

Best Tamil movie mother character - Kadhalukku Mariyadha

6The Kashmiri’s Mother from Vishwaroopam 2

The well-known Hindi actress did the role of Kamal Haasan’s mother in Vishwaroopam 2 as an Alzheimer’s patient. In such a serious movie, the 15 minutes time frame of her stole the show.

Not recognizing her own son, she would be lamenting about him and their kathak lessons together, Making us sad and happy simultaneously.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Vishwaroopam 2

5Padayappa’s Mother from Padayappa

Whatever happens, Be who you are. You might be the king one-day, But the very next day you might be a servant. Treating everyone equally irrespective of your statuses keeps you human. All these ethics would be stressed by Padayappa’s mother in the movie where they face a lot of ups and downs.

You can also witness a Mom’s trust in his child.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Padayappa

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4Kalyani from Thalapathi

Thalapathi is undoubtedly modern-day Karna story from Mahabharatam.

Srividya, the mother of Rajini in the movie would abandon him in a goods train fearing societal backlash as she was just a 14years old then. Regretting that decision heavy heartedly lives her rest of the life waiting to meet her son again. Every time the “Chinna Thaai Aval” song BGM turns up in the movie, tears would just puddle up.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Thalapathi

3Mahalakshmi from M. Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi

Nadhiya makes it perfect for this Mother character. The character is more like a “dream mom” role.

She expects the son to celebrate her birthday, gets upset when he doesn’t, which is all so much like how a friend behaves. Being a single parent, this Mother strives to raise a successful real-life champion.

This ‘super mom’ even befriends her son’s girlfriend and does the needful to make them together without revealing she is the mother.

Best Tamil movie mother character - M Kumaran

2Meenakumari from Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

Every mom wants his son to be the best in everything he does.

Radhika as Meenakumari in ‘Nanum Rowdy Thaan’ is no different. She is a strict mom yet very caring. Who wouldn’t want this kind of mom?

Best Tamil movie mother character - Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

1Bhuvana from Velaiilla Pattadhari (VIP)

Mascot of mother characters, Saranya Ponavannan as Bhuvana in VIP is a milestone in Tamil cinema.

Watching TV serial along with her son, scolding him and even bashing with a broomstick when he is misbehaving, while at the same time not giving up on him to others makes her the best.

It was so typical that each and every one of us could connect with her. The character’s death not only would induce a breakthrough in the movie flow but also would impact the audience emotionally.

Best Tamil movie mother character - Velaiilla Pattadhari

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