15 Best Tamil Political Movies Every Citizen Should Watch

Best Political Tamil Movies Collection

Not many are brave enough like the Tamil Cinema producers. Yes, they are the real heroes. Despite knowing the fact that a political movie won’t be welcomed by any political party in a right spirit people invest their money on such movies just trying to bring out the dark side of politics into the light.

Tamil Nadu’s politics might not have changed after so many movies but the political genre movies have indeed kept on increasing their standards notch up time and again.

Now, let’s look at the best political movies below.

List of Best Tamil Political Movies

15Saguni (2012)

Tamil Political Movies List - Saguni

Saguni is a comical political satire movie starring Karthi as Kamal and Santhanam as Rajini. Back then in 2012 when Rajini and Kamal weren’t into politics, it was a treat for the audience to see Karthi and Santhanam taking an attack at the politics referring each other as Rajini and Kamal.

14Kodi (2016)

Tamil Political Movies List - Kodi

Dhanush played double roles, as twin brothers to a politician dad. Elder twin gets impacted by politics from childhood while the other one turns out to be a pacifist until his brother gets murdered.

The politician Dhanush playing the role of Kodi would get killed by his own girlfriend Rudhra (played by Trisha) who is also a politician from a young age but for the opposite party just for political gains, perfectly making its way to the list of Political Tamil Movies list.

13Kaala (2018)

Tamil Political Movies List - Kaala

Rajinikanth’s political entry idea was aided with this movie where he plays the role of Karikalan, Tamilian fighting for land and rights against a corrupt politician in Dharavi part of Mumbai.

The movie Kaala is one of the bold attempt of Rajini in leading a community towards the progress. This makes Kaala the most important among Tamil political movies list.

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12Ko (2011)

Tamil Political Movies List - Ko

Journalism and its power were showcased in this movie. Jiva playing the role of photographer along with Karthika Nair who is a journalist would investigate together about their colleague’s death which involves a political party’s influence.

11Ramana (2002)

Tamil Political Movies List - Ramana

Undoubtedly one of the milestone movies in Tamil cinema is Ramana. Vijayakanth as Ramana, a college professor who lives with his four adopted kids kidnaps 15 most corrupted people from the government and finally kills one among them. Though this Political Tamil Movie is about corruption, it is understood corruption and politicians go hand in hand.

10Aramm (2017)

Tamil Political Movies List - Aramm

Aramm is a real life story plotted in such a way that the aspects of entertainment wasn’t compromised either while showcasing the brave efforts of a collector (played by Nayanthara )against the political pressure in the mission to rescue a kid.

9NOTA (2018)

Tamil Political Movies List - NOTA

NOTA movie was indeed a timely political satire based on the Tamil Nadu political happenings. After the demise of two big political leaders, how the state suffers from no one responsible takes up the heir. However, the movie sees the hero understanding his responsibilities which were forced into him at the
later part.

8Ayutha Ezhuthu (2004)

Tamil Political Movies List - Ayutha Ezhuthu

Ayudha Ezhuthu is a movie about three characters (Surya as Michael, Madhavan as Anbu and Sidharth as Arjun) who gets caught up in a political drama. Anbu is a goon trying to make big out of his life whereas Michael and Arjun are college students fighting for rights end up standing in elections, goes on to even win it.

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7Iruvar (1997)

Tamil Political Movies List - Iruvar

One of the cult classics in Tamil cinema, this movie deals with hell lot of politics which no ever Tamil movie has ever dealt with till date. A wanted effort by director Mani Ratnam to resemble the real-life stories of Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu politics involving MGR, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, and Annadurai.

6Amaidhi Padai (1994)

Tamil Political Movies List - Amaidhi Padai

Sathyaraj and Manivanan combo’s best ever movie. Till date can be referred to as the best template for any political satire movie. The story about how a homeless pauper, Amavasai grows up to become a top politician, keeps craving for more power feeding to his evil hunger.

5Shivaji (2007)

Tamil Political Movies List - Shivaji

Rajinikanth as Shivaji a successful businessman returns to India from the US gets cheated off his properties and stuff by a politician. The movie is about how Shivaji takes the challenge against the politician using their own tricks and gets his money back.

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4Mudhalvan (1999)

Tamil Political Movies List - Mudhalvan

Mudhalvan is a story about how a television cameraman gets an opportunity to become Chief Minister of the state for a day. In that single day, he does enough changes to bring a positive change in society.

The movie faced extreme controversies in different states, in Tamil Nadu, it wasn’t well received by DMK party as they felt the Raghuvaran’s voice sounded like then CM of TN Karunanidhi. Whereas in Andhra Pradesh the movie was lauded as it was seen as a mirror image of Chandrababu Naidu.

3Sarkar (2018)

Tamil Political Movies List - Sarkar

How often do you see a movie where even the hero’s fans aren’t that satisfied with the movie, but it ends up becoming a blockbuster? Yes, this was one among the Tamil Political Movies did that exactly.

Sarkar dealt with the fake voters, 49P ideas, re-election and ditched the current ruling party’s free to give away. The political controversy involved in the movie gave enough publicity for the movie to reach nook and corner.

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2LKG (2019)

Tamil Political Movies List - LKG

After the demise of top politicians in Tamil Nadu, the state is now exposed to too many politicians who are trying to climb up the ladder in the happening void of power.

An apt comical satire to enlighten the people of their needs and rights so that they don’t carry away by the drama that’s happening, lead role played by the state’s real hero who has always voiced his social concerns, RJ Balaji.

1Indian (1996)

Tamil Political Movies List - Indian

Indian Thatha character played by Kamal Haasan, Director Shankar’s dream character, is indeed one of the most inspirational characters for every person who wants to see a better society, making this movie take the first place in our list of Best Tamil Political Movies.

Taking on corruption, killing of the corrupt politicians, Senapathy’s hunt is expected to resume soon through an upcoming sequel as well, Indian-2.

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