11 Best Collection of Tamil Movie Songs About Life

Tamil songs about life
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“Words make you think a thought, Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought” – Said by an American Musician E.Y. Harburg.

Songs have the power to change your mood. Songs can do wonders when you start enjoying it.

Movie songs in India are the most popular tool of entertainment as well as they play a vital role in educating an individual.

Though old Tamil movie songs have got deep meaning and guidance for life, the realm still stays strong in recent times through few inspiring songs.

Here we present you the collection of Tamil songs about life that can make you realize the importance of life.

Collection of Movie Songs About Life

11. Buddhi Ulla Manitharellam Song from Tamil Movie Annai

This intelligible song was written by the great Tamil poet, Kaviarasu Kannadasan. Veteran actor J.P Chandrababu’s voice and performance had given life to this song and let you understand the people’s mentality who are living around you in the society.

Song Lines about Practicality in Life:

“Kanavu Kaanum Manithanukku Ninaipathelaam Kanavu
Avan Kaanugindra Kanavinilae Varuvathelaam Uravu
Puthi Ulla Manithan Èllaam Vetri Kaanbathillai
Vetri Patra Manithan Èlaam Puthisaali Illai”

Buddhi Ulla Manitharellam Tamil Song About Life

Lyric Source: paadalvarigal
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Buthiyulla Manitharellam
  • Movie: Annai
  • Lyricist: Kannadasan
  • Singer: Chandrababu
  • Music: R. Sudharsanam
  • Year: 1962

10. Nilu Nillu Neeyum Nillu

This is one of the encouraging Tamil movie songs about life. Nillu Nillu Neeyum Nillu song motivates an individual and at the same time let you realize the blessings of Life.

Song Lines about Complaining Mindset:

“Computer pola moolai koduththum
Saamiya thitraan paaru
Kaalillaama ponaal kooda
Aadum azhagha paaru”

Nillu Nillu Neeyum Nillu Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: moonramkonam
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Nillu Nillu Nillu Nillu
  • Movie: Kanchana 2
  • Lyricist: Raghava Lawrence
  • Singer: Tippu
  • Music: Thaman
  • Year: 2011

9. Tholvi Nilayena Ninaithal Song from Tamil Movie Oomai Vizhigal

At times, life can make you feel low. The reason for your unhappiness could be a failure of your goal or target or a plan.

All you can do it, Hear this Tamil song. It questions you in the right way to change your thought process about the failure.

Song Lines that questions the Failure in Life:

“Tholvi Nilaiyena Ninaithaal, Manidhan Vaazhvai Ninaikkalaama?
Vaazhvai Sumaiyena Ninaithu, Thaayin Kanavai Midhikkalaama?”

Tholvi Nilayena Ninaithal Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: musiclounge
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Tholvi Nilaiyena Ninaithaal
  • Movie: Oomai Vizhigal
  • Lyricist: Aabavanan
  • Singer: P. B. Srinivas, Aabhavanan
  • Music: Manoj
  • Year: 1986

8. Lelaku Lelaku Lela from Tamil Movie Aathi

This is a truly called “Latest Thathuvam” as per the song lyrics. If you forget to smile in your life, remember these lines. Realize why are you sad worrying about tomorrow. Life is only once.

Song Lines about Understanding One Life:

“Vennila onney onnu, Suriyanum onney onnu,
Vazhkayum onney onnu, Vazhnthu paarammaa
Poovendraal vaasam edu, theeyendraal theepam edu,
Ethilumey nanmai undu, Aazhnthu paaramma”

Lelaku Lelaku Lela Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: tamilyrics/wordpress
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Lelaku Lelaku
  • Movie: Aaathi
  • Singer: KK, Sujatha Mohan
  • Music: Vidyasagar
  • Year: 2006

7. Ovoru Pookalumae Song From Autograph

This is one of the evergreen songs of Tamil Cinema. Each and every line of the song encourages an individual to strive for success in Life. Never ever get disheartened about your life.

Song Lines that helps you to Govern your Heart

“Ullam Endrum Eppothumm
Udainthu Pogha Kudaathuu
Enna Intha Vaalkai Endra
Ennam Thondra Kudaathuu
Enntha Manitha Nenjukkull
Kaayam Illei Sollungall
Kaalapokil Kaayamellamm
Marainthu Poghum Maayanghall”

Ovoru Pookalumae Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: paadalvarigal
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Ovvoru Pookalume
  • Movie: Autograph
  • Lyricist: Pa. Vijay
  • Singer: Chitra
  • Music: Bharathwaj
  • Year: 2004

6. Yaar Yaar Sivam Song From Anbe Sivam

Oh man, Feel the divine in you. This beautiful creation of Vairamuthu powered by Kamal Hassan’s voice could take you to the next level of thoughts. Such an intense and meaningful song about life and living are explained in Yaar Yaar Sivam from Anbe Sivam movie.

Song Lines about the Art of Peaceful Living:

“Ithayam Enbathu Sathaithaan Endraal
Erithayal Thindruvidum
Anbin Karuvi Ithayam Endraal
Saavai Vendruvidum”

Yaar Yaar Sivam Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: paadalvarigal
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Yaar Yaar Sivam
  • Movie: Anbe Sivam
  • Lyricist: Vairamuthu
  • Singer: Kamal Hassan
  • Music: Vidyasagar
  • Year: 2003

5. Nilai Maarum Ulagil Nilaikum Endra Kanavil Song

Aabavan had exposed the bitter truth of Life through the songs in Oomai Vizhigal Movie. Released in 1986, The songs of Oomai Vizhigal are popularly known for its deep meaning. This song Nilai Maarum Ulagil let you understand the instability of Life.

Song Lines about Instability of Life:

“Nilai Maarum Ulagil
Nilaikkum Endra KanavilVaazhum Manidha Jaadhi
Vaazhum Manidha Jaadhi
Adhil Vaazhvadhillai Needhi”

Nilai Maarum Ulagil Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: musiclounge
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Nilai Maarum Ulagil
  • Movie: Oomai Vizhigal
  • Lyricist: Aabavanan
  • Singer: KJ Yesudas
  • Music: Manoj
  • Year: 1986

4. Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali Song From Tamil Movie Muthu

This commercial introduction song of Superstar in the movie Muthu has got a lot in it.
Do not live in a Selfdom. You should always remember you have a supreme power above you. Life explains you this simple principle through death.

Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: paadalvarigal.

Song Lines about end for Life

“Mannin Meethu Manithanukaasai Manithan Meethu Mannukkaasai
Manthaan Kadaisiyil Jeyikkirathu Ithai Manamthaan Unara Marukkirathu”

More Details about the Song
  • Song: Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali
  • Movie: Muthu
  • Lyricist: Vairamuthu
  • Singer: SPB
  • Music: AR Rahman

3. Maatram Ondruthaan Maarathathu From Kochadaiyaan Tamil Movie

This is one of the most practical songs about life. This makes you understand the realities of life. Listen to the lines of this song. Especially the Superstar’s own voice does magic. You will feel the sense of positivity about life.

Song Lines about Understanding You

“Nee Enbathu Uyiraa Udalaa Peyaraa
Moondrum Illai Seyal”

Maatram Ondruthaan Maarathathu Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: paadalvarigal
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Maatram Ondruthaan Maarathathu
  • Movie: Kochadaiyaan
  • Lyricist: Vairamuthu
  • Singer: Haricharan, Rajinikanth
  • Music: AR Rahman

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2. Sandhosam Sandhosam Song from Tamil Movie Youth

This is the best consoler when you are heavy-hearted. This movie song about life let you realize everything happens in life for a reason. The Lyricist Vairamuthu relates the origin of basic things in life with a great philosophical mind.

Songs Lines about Failures

“Puyal Mayyam Kondaal Mazhai Mannil Undu
Yendha Theemai Kollum Siru Nanmai Undu”

Sandhosam Sandhosam Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: lyricsinbox.
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Sandhosam Sandhosam
  • Movie: Youth
  • Lyricist: Vairamuthu
  • Singer: SPB
  • Music: Manisharma

1. Aadatha Aatamelam song from Tamil Movie

Aadatha Aaatamelam song tops the list of Tamil songs about life. This is one of the best ever songs of Tamil cinema which makes you feel your real life. This song warns you, advises you and criticizes you in a most optimistic tone.

Songs Lines about Pleasure

“Nitham Kodi Sugangal Theadi Kangal Moodi Alaigindrom
Paavangalay Maelum Maelum Saerthu Kondae Pogindrom
Manithan Ennum Vedam Pottu Mirugamaga Valgindrom
Theerppu Ondru Irupathai Maranthu Theemaigalai Seigindrom”

Aadatha Aatamelam Tamil Song About Life

Lyrics Source: paadalvarigal
More Details about the Song
  • Song: Aadatha Aatamelam
  • Movie: Mounam Pesiyadhe
  • Lyricist: Snehan
  • Singer: Karthik
  • Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

How do you feel about your life now? Yes, your life is worthier than you think.

Comment your favorite song below and let the readers stay motivated!

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