13 Strong Leadership Life Lessons From Theeran To Win Like a Pro

Theeran Life Lessons

Before I start, I would like to ask “Have you watched Theeran?”

If your answer is “Yes”, then continue to read.

You could have witnessed a greater number of positive responses to the movie Theeran since it was based out of a true story called “Operation Bawaria”. If you have watched Theeran and if you really liked it, I’m gonna ask you a question “Did Theeran entertained you?”

If you are satisfied, I would like to remind you that you should take away few powerful life lessons from the movie Theeran in addition to the entertainment.

As per the name of the movie “Theeran” which means “A Brave one”, the movie has got a lot more things to educate and inspire you.

If you are building a team for your sport, or for a business firm or for your mission, you should definitely take these real-life strategies that officer Theeran has executed for solving his top-notch criminal case.

1. Smart thinking is a double-edged sword. Use it wisely.

A Lorry gang murderer says this, He also explains why.

Life Lessons from Theeran about Intelligence

“A Human’s smartness has fooled many. Have made them slaves. Have destroyed many communities. Also turned me into a thief.” – You should always think smart to solve a problem but remember your smartness shouldn’t fool or destroy anyone around you.

2. Observing things around you is very important.

“Use your eyes the most, hands the least, especially your mouth the least-est.”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Observation

Theeran was given instructions at the DSP training. Never forget this when you step into anything you handle in your life.

3. Be prepared to face the unfortunate

A woman who loses all her family and properties says this.

“One Unfortunate night, they destroyed everything, sir!”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Misfortune

Remember a similar situation could happen to anyone at anytime. Are your prepared enough to face any unfortunate that comes in your life?

4. Starve in your passion

When you think what made Theeran take up this case, this statement has the best answer to it.

“I’m not able to sleep.”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Passion

There is also a popular saying that “Dreams are not that comes when you sleep, dreams are those that don’t allow you to sleep”

Not to its literal meaning, You should always stay committed to finishing your targets of the day before you go to sleep.

5. Dedicate yourself to a good cause

“Only if we lose our sleep and happiness, Public can sleep peacefully”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Dedication

Always remember “Nothing worth having comes easy”.

6. Mind your personality

“Are you a Tamizhan? It Reflects from the way your English is.”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Personality

When Sathya (Bose Venkat) speaks to a policeman in the north, he easily finds out Sathya as a Tamizhan. Always be careful in your way of presenting yourself to others.

Well, that was 2005.

7. Gear up with young minds

Build your team with youngsters who are loyal and dedicated. Also, stay updated with the latest things around you.

IGP instructs Theeran to take a young team with him.

“Pick Young and Righteous team to go up North.”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Team Building

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8. Learn from the biggest failure

After Theeran’s plan of arresting Oma in his own village failed, He takes a step back and made a perfect plan the next time.

“I will let you know the plan, there shouldn’t be another failure”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Failure

9. Improve your strength

Theeran explains the strength of lorry gang. This is one of the most important things you must note to win big.

“Their Threshold for pain, and loyalty to their claim. We were not able to break that.”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Strength

Always stay strong. Let your opponent stumble.

10. Stay dangerously smart

“That Madrasi is a dangerous guy, Also very smart. How’s he managing to nab them spot on”

This is an Oma’s statement about Theeran. The leader should be smart, dangerous to win over the opponent’s thoughts.

Life Lessons from Theeran about Smartness

11. Keep Calm and Hunt

“We have been running. But that Madrasi, is calm and hunting us down.”

Life Lessons from Theeran about Focus

Stay calm and focussed like Theeran.

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12. Practise Patience

Patience is one the costliest quality for a leader. But if a leader is patient enough to handle any situation, the team is equipped enough to face any hurdles.

Life Lessons from Theeran about Patience

“Patience is really important to a hunter”

13. Finally, know the Wolves Trap Technique.

Life Lessons from Theeran about Technique

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Disclaimer: The Tamil sentences are not spell checked. Background images are sourced from official Theeran teasers.
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