13 Intense Vada Chennai Dialogues With Powerful Life Lessons

Vada Chennai Dialogues and Life Lessons

‘Vada Chennai – The dream project’ claims both the movie director Vetrimaaran and the actor Dhanush.

Does Vada Chennai manage to win the audience heart?

Well, you could have realized when you see the audience applause at the end credits when the screen fades out with ‘Written and directed by Vetrimaaran’

Vada Chennai easily manages to secure a top position among the gangster cults of Tamil Cinema.

Though the director has scripted a powerful storyline, the movie has been undoubtedly intensified by the actors and their powerful dialogues in critical situations. These dialogues have the power to teach you more in your own life.

Get ready to lose your mind in the Vada Chennai dialogues!

13. Not Only Birth. Death Has Greater Impact in Human’s Life

When Gandhiji was born, no one would have thought that the baby could become a great leader. The power of a Human Birth!

Similarly, a Death also has power. A death of a person can directly or indirectly influence and changes the lives of many individuals.

Vada Chennai Dialogue Oru Saavu (A Death)“A Death will not only change the life of the ones who are directly involved but also has an impact on the life of those who are indirectly related.”

12. Friendship. Betrayal. Sin

Guna and Senthil are to be among the Tamil movies friendship betrayal list.

Vada Chennai Dialogue about Friendship Betrayal “The Greatest sin is betraying your friend”

11. Use Your Talent and Build Your Kingdom With Like-Minded Soldiers

The day when you realize your talent, Develop your skill, become a master and teach the fellow passionate people.

Vada Chennai Dialogue about Utilizing Talent

“You have a game in your hands, Develop it and bring up 10 kids like you” 

10. The Difference Between a common man and a Pro

Everyone can be taught to win a situation with prepared tools in hands. But, only a skilled labor can win even if has to face the unexpected situation unarmed.

Vada Chennai Dialogue about Brave Attack

“We should Kill the opponent with the opponent’s own weapon”

9. A Thin Line Between Treachery and Faith

Yup! There is a thin line between a treachery and a faith.

When you decide to be loyal to your team, you should know whether you dwell in your own camp or in your opponent’s territory.

Vada Chennai Danush Dialogue on Viswasam

“Not a Treachery, It is Faith”

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8. Expect the Unexpected

Life is a battlefield. Always be prepared for the unexpected for your survival.

Vada Chennai Dialogue on Setting Expectations

“We haven’t expected that he will rise to stab us”

7. No Control Over Birth and Death

No human has the control to give birth to a girl or boy that steps into the world. Similarly, no one has the rights to decide the death.

Vada Chennai Dialogue about Birth and Death

“We should never own the rights for a birth or a death”

6. The Gain Game of Human Mind

The Evil nature of Human mind is exposed in Vada Chennai. This Vada Chennai Dialogue strongly portrays that every man has a price tag.

Vada Chennai Dialogue about Personal Gains

“If they have profit, they will do whatever they want”

5. The Hidden Hometown Feel in Every Human’s Heart

Everyone will have a special love for the place they were born and bought-up. Well, some will never compromise that for anything just like Rajan.

Vada Chennai Rajan Dialogue

“Without inhaling this salted sea breeze, my legs without this dirty water, I will never get a sleep every day”

4. Nation and People’s Growth

What is a National Growth? How can you say that the Lifestyle of the people has been improved? Asks Anbu, and defines the statement in a clear fashion.

Vada Chennai Dialogue about Improvement

“If you are really concerned about improving the lives of our people, improve us in the same area we live in”

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3. A Redefined Rowdyism

There might be a group in the world who would have been fighting just to save their lives.

Are we calling them Rowdies?

Vada Chennai Danush Dialogue Rowdyism

“If they say that the Fight we make to save us is Rowdyism, We will do Rowdyism.”

2. The Fight

You should Fight your own battle. No matter what the end result will be. You should get trained to fight and you should fight.

Vada Chennai Danush Dialogue Sanda Seiyanum

“Whether you win or lose. You should Fight”

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1. An Anchor Philosophy of Life

Do not underestimate anything in life by its size.

You are ‘You’ today due to that 50-micrometer sperm cell.

Vada Chennai Danush Anchor Dialogue

“It is the small Anchor that holds the big ship at the shore”

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